Infinite Blessings on the Full Moon, Yoga 4 Love Wellness Center At Gemini Farms~ Spring 2015

Happy Holidays and Infinite Blessings on this Full Moon!

Full Moon over Gemini Farms

What is your affirmation for this Full Moon?

Dear Friends~

This month my lesson has been to RECEIVE. My newest full moon affirmation?

I am currently standing in the flow of a downward waterfall of infinite blessings!

I AM! This is so. I have said affirmations for over 20 years of my life regularly. Now I am truly in the understanding that all is in Divine Purpose if we stand in the flow, be authentic and DO THE WORK daily, hourly, moment by moment to stay in concordence with Spirit. When we force things to happen they will work, but it is when we ALLOW them to unfold that Spirit can use this for the most beauty, and when these things truly become a wonderous work of God. SO much better then we could have ever planned ourselves.

I was going to move my studio space, in obedience to Spirit. Even close it. Spirit wanted to see if I was willing to give up EVERYTHING that I hold dear in order to be of service. How much more can I lose? To remove? To let go? What more will it take to hone myself to the very brightest diamond that I am meant to be so I can shine with the brightest reflection of Creator’s light?  I AM DOING THE WORK. Therefore, my reward is to keep my beautiful sacred studio space in Red Oak and continuing to share Hot yoga, yoga and workshops.

The beauty comes in that since I was obedient and looking for alternatives for spaces, I came into alignment with Gemini Farms. This is the horse boarding and training facility where I recently moved my 2 horses, Diva our Yearling and Cochise our Paint.
Since I left the last barn to find more positivity, I rekindled my sisterhood with Colette, the owner of Gemini, my ‘big sister’. She and I decided to remodel two entire upper rooms in her facility!

In Spring 2015 I am opening my second space! This is being built out at a beautiful, peaceful horse ranch with OMazing sunsets. The name?

Yoga 4 Love’s Wellness Center at Gemini Farms

The vision of this space is a cOMmunity wellness + education center. This Center is also avalilable for YOU to rent and consign space so you may own a place to share your talents and passion with the world!
*The photo above is the Full Moon over Gemini Farms.


  • Yoga + Hot Yoga
  • Nutrition Education with Juice Plus Team Dynamic Destiny
  • Skincare Education + Beauty from the Inside Out with Transparent Beauty by Erin Honorio
  • Reviving Therapeutic Riding Of Texas TROT + Saving horses that are destined for the meat trucks and helping children with disabilities
  • Reiki and Energy Healing, Thai Bodywork, Spa Facials
  • Reiki for Horses
  • Yoga for Equestrians
  • DANCE of all kinds: Swing Out, Zumba, Belly Dance + more
  • Workshops + Events
  • Outdoor Yoga with the Horses
  • All sorts of consignment offerings from Crystals and Conscious Jewlery to Cloth Upcycled Bags and more.
I will keep you posted on the progress!

So many other things to share with you at the same time:
We were just in our first parade with our horse today! Complete with lights and all. Photos from 12/6 HERE

Every month on the new moon and the full moon I receive an amazing new Vinyasa Flow sequence and I write it. I am really seeing a pattern of how the energy of creation that is flowing into my work. If you practice with me you KNOW how super awesome these flows are, and how strenuous they can be. I am also recording these and sharing on HitPlayYoga.

I am collaborating with Audible Yoga for a launch this month!

I am currently writing a book called 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change. Please hold this project with Light and Love as the direction that it is needed has not yet surfaced. All of the elements are coming into place like a puzzle without any effort. I have an amazing artist working on the cover and just this week a publisher was introduced to me.
As you know we are rebuilding our home, and it is truly becoming our DREAM home right before our eyes. Such a manifestation of how God can turn around a tragedy.

Lisa and Diva

I recently went looking for kitchen designs and found an incredible interior designer. I never had before even dared to dream that I would actually be in a place that I would be needing an interior designer! She said every time she gets an email from me she feels peace and happiness and we are so excited to begin working together! There are just SOOO many decisions to make on this house and I really want the decisions to be ones I never regret.
Later after the kids move our we plan to share our home as a Bed and Breakfast on the Waterfall. I am designing the home for with that long term end in mind and it is really fun! I found all my plumbing fixtures on Black Friday sale, so stoked!

Well, I will post on the full moon and some times between, but please find me on Google Plus, Twitter & Instagram @yoga4love and FaceBook for more interaction. <3

Peace, Love + Light,

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