It’s important to Know What Is in Your Food

Truck-FarmSpring gardening is upon us and knowing what is in your food is something The FarmGirls encourage you to explore.
Have you worried about E. coli, Listeria,or other soil/food borne illnesses? Do you wonder when you bite into a plump tomato or a fresh ear of corn how many miles it has traveled to be a feast on your table? Would it peak your curiosity to know what growing methods the farmer uses to produce your food? These are questions that we asked ourselves
after Donelle returned from an extended trip to Europe. She found that her taste of produce in America was vastly different than what she had grown accustomed to in Bosnia. It was the moment she snipped off a side shoot from the dividend broccoli growing in her mom’s garden that made her realize there was definitely a difference in the quality and flavor of the food. Soon she also learned that the homegrown vegetable is likely to have a higher nutritional content, which started the FarmGirl journey. Although having a delicious steamed broccoli side dish with the best flavor, great quality, and high nutritional value is important, the best part is growing your own food…
It is time to start your spring gardens and The FarmGirls have a goal. We want to see an increase in organic backyard gardening, especially in our hometown of Waxahachie. However, if you are not going to garden this season, we suggest you check the local resources for organically/naturally grown foods like those at the Downtown Waxahachie Farmer’s Market or the local organic section of our grocery stores.
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make friends over the FarmGirls’ garden gate…
Originally posted on Garden Inspirations Website 8/12