Journey to Healing, Major Road Bumps Along the Way #cancersucks

Here are my latest posts, photos coming soon! 5 Chemo treatments down of 5! Only a few more radiations treatments to go for my dad! Completion Friday 8/22!!!

reasons to smile


7/14 Amazing and wonderful news my friends! My father, Duane, has really great results from Tina Calabrese, our naturopath today! He has been taking Whole Food supplements and made a lifestyle change in eating a little under 3 weeks. A few weeks ago he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and we felt shocked and saddened.
We reached out to Tina, as God sent her into our life. She created an amazing simple plan of tripling his juice plus, adding detox drops and whole food supplements and then testing on the computer for each of the systems (meredians) of the body. 3 weeks ago all of his body work was completely offline and extremely inflamed to a very dangerous level. Today almost all of them are back in the green and in a normal range! Yes, in just a few weeks this change can happen! Food is powerful medicine.
Tomorrow he starts his journey with chemo and radiation and we feel hopeful! Your personal messages, and prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated.

Bag o’ games! Trying our best to have fun at chemo. Finally done!!!


Dearest friends we have really great news today!!! Duane Farrell, my dad, talked to the doctor and the NON HODGKINS IS IN REMISSION!!! 
Now to kick the espohogeal cancer with the remaining 3 chemo and 18 more radiation treatments. The chemo combined with the nutrition plan is working!
Please lift him up in prayer, is working! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Yes!!! I am so happy. I’m crying.



So my dad’s anti inflammatory pantry makeover is finally complete. With one final trip to Kroger we completed a huge listing all of those breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. Then to prevent him from losing weight we included a list of foods that will get him a lot of calories without compromising or a ton of sugar and crap. He seems to be doing really well! He is on week 3 out of 5 chemo, no hair loss yet!
11/28/ radiation treatments down! Friday will be half way there! Thank you for your prayers. It means so much to us.


Week 4/5 of chemo with dad, Duane Farrell. Today we played Skip Bo and he won! His mind is a sharp as a tack still. 
Then went for a great meal at Jason’s Deli! He still needs to get more calories in, it’s hard for him when his throat is burning. But he hasn’t lost his hair though! He may be that 1% but doesn’t, we shall see!
He has two weeks left of daily radiation, 8/21 is a ways out when he’s done.
In his words, “Please pray for complete eradication of all the cancer cells!” He wants you to know that your prayers and donations are much appreciated.
Go Fight Win!!!


Went to see Tina Calabrese the naturepath today with Dad, Duane Farrell, he is doing the work, folks, he is doing the work. He wants to heal. We got to some of the deepest roots of the cause, now time to dig deep and continue to create happiness and a will to live. He has a deep desire to live for his grandchildren, Richard Stoy and the two little ones. He wants to grow in so many ways and is ready to make big changs a little at a time. He is learning what to say when he talks to himself and to be open to the possibility of becoming whole. It has begun. 
Your prayers, kind words, gifts of abundance and friendship mean so so much. Love and light