Kombutcha Tea Recipe and Directions


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Learn more about Kombutcha benefits, see the blog of pictures when Lisa began making this yummy probiotic drink HERE.

Learn to make this simple effervescent drink with a base of tea. The kombutcha culture is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), comprising one or more airborne yeasts.
I have been making this drink for a few years, and would love to share my Scoobies with you! You will receive a starter in a jar, and we will do a taste test of the brewed tea. Brew a batch and you will have your own Kombutcha in a just a few weeks.
Limited SCOBY’s available.

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Kombutcha Making Instructions by Lisa Ware

  • Start with a big pot of water to make enough to fill all your jars almost to the mouth.
  • I use an 8 quart pot to make 8 quarts of tea.
  • You will need 1 Scoby and 1/8 to 1/4 cup of previous batch of kombutcha to start each jar
  • Get 8 wide mouth glass jars from the store and sanitize them, if you are starting with quarts, then do 8 jars. You can do any size, the scoby will form to the sixe of the jar.
  • Cut up 8 squares from an old tee that you can cover the entire mouth of the jar and seal with a rubber band, one to cover each jar.
  • 1 Cup of Organic granulated sugar for each 2 quarts.
  • Boil the water, add 2 teabags for each 3 quarts. I prefer P & G English Breakfast Black Tea, but I have friends that use black and green tea or all green. Add the sugar. Stir well and let cool completely. If you dont want to wait, add ice in place of some of the original water OR make a super concentrated batch of tea and add to cool water to make the process faster.
  • Once it is no longer too warm, like cool bath water it is fine.
  • Place a scooby and some starter tea in the jar and leave room at the top for transporting them.  These are your BABIES, take care of them.
  • Pour the sweetened tea into all the jars.
  • Cover the tops with a tee square and secure with a large rubber band.
  • Move to a cool dark location and leave alone. In about 7-10 days check to see that the new scooby forming on the top. It will be thin and cover the entire top. Leave them alone. Check at 10 days to 2 weeks and taste to see if it is no longer sweet. If it is not sweet, then all the beneficial bacteria has consumed the sugar and converted it, so now it will be fermented. It will be fizzy with tiny effervescent bubbles.
  • Pour all the finished tea into glass containers and close the lid. Place your kombutcha into the refrigerator. It is ready to drink!
  • Take the scobys that are left in the jars, and for storage you can place all the scobys on top of each other in a few jars. Add your finished kombutcha tea in the jar to cover the scobys. Cover with a metal lid and place in fridge until you want to brew your next batch. Always reastart with sanitized jars. Repeat the process above immediately or store indefinitely in a refrigerator, check in on them every month while in storage.

To make flavored kombutcha:

Add half of your brewed tea and up to half 100% fruit juice of choice. My two favorites are Pineapple Juice and Acai Berry Pomegranate. Play around with flavors. Have fun!

You can add cut up fresh fruit! Pineapple is amazing in your tea. Just cut up chunks and add to the jar, let sit in fridge for a few days then drink!


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