Let The Light Shine

Ultrasound and LED light therapy drawing

Ultrasound and LED light therapy have been around in the esthetic industry for quite awhile now.  Like everything else, they have evolved in convenience and efficiency.  This treatment is a wonderfully gentle way to correct, heal, and stimulate the skin.  Currently it comes as a dual therapy (combining the ultrasound and LED lights) in a lovely hand held device, the newest addition to my skin care practice!

Ultrasound and LED light therapy

I am so excited about this incredible treatment, it really provides lasting results and feels absolutely wonderful.  I have been successfully treating acne, rosacea, tightening, and pigmentation with really significant improvements.  The feeling is like a relaxing stone massage on the face and neck while the different colored LED wavelengths are stimulating healthy tissue restoration below the surface.  It is truly a beautiful treatment and a rewarding way to spend some time renewing yourself.  You will leave glowing on the outside as well as on the inside.