Life As Meditation

If you were never told who you were, who would you be?

That is a good question.  As this New Age births itself, things are changing around us – and within us.  We find our energies moving from head to heart and on the way…..right through our 5th chakra of Power & Choice.  Let’s use our power to see ourselves through a new lens-get a fresh perspective and be in the world in a new way.

Imagine yourself as a tree.  The top of the tree is blowing in the wind.  The branches of thinking and feeling always moving and changing – never being still.  But YOU….you are the trunk- solid, growing and present.  And you ARE fully present when you choose to be:

*Conscious (Aware)
*Congruent (True to yourself)
*Co-Creative (With others & Source)

So many ancient traditions teach that your highest qualities are revealed through these 3 Cs.  These highest qualities are really who YOU are (the trunk of that tree).  In Buddhism, these 3 Cs are incorporated in essential mindfulness practice.  It’s not a concentrated focus, but a practice of Presence.  When you make a commitment to mindfulness, it is said you are taking Refuge.  Many meditate to practice mindfulness by pulling apart from others – to rise above the world.

*Meditate not to TRANSCEND the world but to be more fully IN it. *

When YOU bring YOUR conscious awareness to it, LIFE is a meditation – a connecting; recognition of the sacredness of the moment; a re-membering/re-joicing.

The 5th Chakra is your Power of Choice.  Why choose control when you can choose joy and peace in each moment?  Choosing to practice mindfulness keeps you in the middle way between mind and heart – the area of WISDOM.

As the New Age is birthing itself, we are birthing ourselves – AWAKE.  Choose to see the world with new eyes.  Take refuge in the wisdom of birth.  Shed the “speedy, needy, greedy” and push on into the world of the ultimate multi-tasking: Mindfulness.

Who are you?  You are AWAKE.

*Leave everything as it is and rest your weary mind*

Spin Goddess