Life on Display

Every day we live our lives on display. From our loved ones in our immediate vicinity, to friends we rarely see except on Facebook, to strangers we meet in the public, our lives and outlook are on display. What outward display do you portray to the world?

We are all influences, whether we realize it or not, on several people each day. As parent, we expect to be influences on our children. In the workplace, we influence those we see frequently, whether they notice it or not. The flip side is also true – we are influenced by those around us as well.

Take a moment and think about someone who has had a positive effect on your life in the last week. Even the small things count. After your interaction with them, you probably had a better day or perhaps felt more generous toward others. Their positive interaction with you led to more positive energy in your own life.

Now take a moment to think about someone who had a negative influence on your life in the last week. After your interaction with them, you may have become a little bummed out or stressed. You may even have become irritable with others.

If someone reflected on their influences in the last week, where would your interactions fit in their thoughts? An easy way to be a positive influence is to smile sincerely and remember that a kind word goes a long way.

We often go through life with our own interests on our mind and forget the small things. Remember that YOU are an influence on others! How do you want that influence to be is up to you!