Long Lost Update!

So.. it’s been a really long time since I updated my blog. Life happens. I moved from the Lone Star State to Southern California and then moved one more time within the area! I’ve gotten divorced and gained a new boyfriend.. it’s been a tough road but life is positive for me right now!

One of my latest fitness adventures was at Cowles Mountain near La Mesa, California. I didn’t go all the way up – we didn’t have hills in Waxahachie so I am unused to the incline!

View from part-way up

View from part-way up

Besides the incredible outdoors here, I plan to take myself to the local LA Fitness gym 5 times per week. They have new equipment, a heated indoor lap pool and an assortment of classes. I shopped around a bit before deciding to settle in this particular place. I haven’t found a yoga studio too close to me but LA Fitness offers a couple of yoga classes.

Since I moved, I have discovered I have a new love for cooking! I’ve always liked to bake, but I have never enjoyed cooking. Last week, I prepared a healthy lunch for myself and my new significant other: grass fed bison, roasted asparagus, fresh salad and a combination of quinoa, whole grain wild rice and red rice.


I was a little skeptical of the bison, at over $7/lb, it certainly isn’t going to be on my weekly shopping list. It tasted a bit like beef, but had a better texture. I haven’t been eating a lot of red meat lately but it was good.

That’s it for now. I will be updating again in a week – we’ll see how the gym plans go in the next few days!