Malasana | Garland Pose | Lisa’s Asana 101

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Malasana | Garland Pose | Lisa’s Asana 101

Lisa Ware Low Malasana

Stretches the ankles, groin, and back, tones the belly, reduces fatigue, strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Lisa Ware Garland Pose

Start in Goddess Stance.

Bring hands to heart and begin to sink into a low squat. You may keep elbows inside the knees or out. Take support for the feet by utilizing a block under the heels or a folded mat or blanket. Option to bring hands to the Earth and lower tailbone with exhale. On the inhale lift heart high.

Begin to fold forward bringing hands out before you. Turn palms up and thumbs back and begin to wrap your arms around you like a garland. You may need to adjust the space between the feet to reach behing your feet. Your hands may or may not touch. If they do, take Ganesh Grip, 4 fingers locking. Relax into the posture. You may fel like there is farther to go, however, just be present wherever you are today.

to come out of the asana, bring hands to front bavk to Low Malasana and then either step back to all fours or come into high Malasana, Goddess pose, where you began.





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