Manifesting Our Dreams ~Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio Coming Winter 2015!

Continued from the last blog…

Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio

July~August were a whirlwind. I held the 8th annual DFW Free Day of Yoga, for the 7th year and then retired from the committee. I went to all my dads chemo, and doctor appointments with him and helped him learn to eat cleanly.
September 1 is the day of Free Day of Yoga and I was at the studio when my house caught on fire. My husband, kids and pets were home. It was tragic to lose our home, and my kitten, but I am forever grateful that my family was not sleeping and the kids and 2 dogs  all got out safely. I rescued my cat, Cleo, with the pet mask. We lost Ming, the Siamese kitten in the smoke.

14-09-01 Lisa and Cleo during the fire rescue

14-09-01 Lisa and Cleo during the fire rescue

I have spent the entire fall working with contractors and learning how to contract a home. We have had a really positive experience with State Farm. Many friends and yoga students donated clothing, money and items to get us by. We are currently living in a lease home til our house is built. Finally the process began moving forward and the entire house was demoed down to the exterior walls and slab. I went to Memphis for a Leadership conference. Had to miss a lot being on the phone with the insurance and contractors, but it was nice to get away and the hubby is so awesome to take over the duties at the house and studio.
November~ The house is finally beginning to take shape. A great friend, who is an architect, and I had created a DREAM HOME plan many years ago and tabled these plans due to the expense. When the fire happened we again opened these plans. The Dream Home required all the structural walls and roof to be removed except the back bedrooms. These walls and roof are the EXACT SAME Walls and roof that were demoed with the fire. Literally down to the plans. Now, how can I even question that there is a Master governing these plans… and my life!
December~ I found a publisher for my book, 5 Minutes 4 Positive Change, and my cover artist is working on the image for the book! Christmas was so different not in my home at the waterfall, and losing all the sentimentals was really difficult, but our family is so blessed. The current studio is needing to move~ I can feel it with my entire being and my students are willing to go wherever I go. It is too big, too expensive and so wasteful as it sits empty 90% of the week. I was not sure where or how… until Rich and I found the cabin! It will be delivered fully assembled in mid January! I already have the flooring, our construction crew has already ran the plumbing and the electrical goes in next week! The timing is impeccible. We are so excited. Classes will begin soon, and our first retreat will be in June! ( )
January 2015~ So, yesterday I went to the property like I do daily. This time I walked into the brand new back door and looked at my dream house surrounding me. It is real. We manifested this! It is what Spirit wants with this magical property. I cried in gratitude. This time it was different, I cried for what is coming, not for what I lost. I am so thankful to be on this path of healing, yoga, conscious and sustainable living.

I am so happy OUR paths have crossed in some way over this lifetime. You mean so much to me as a teacher, neighbor, reader, community member and friend.
The Infinite Light that Shines within me
Loves and
The Infinite Light that Shines within you. In that we are One.
May this year bring you all that YOU manifest, more than your MIND can conceive, but exactly what your HEART desires.


Rocky Falls Ovilla