Manifesting Happiness in My Daily Living, Adding Joy Juice to My Life

Beautiful Altar

Are you wanting to live a life of JOY? Well look no further! Do you start your day with a smile? Do you jump out of bed and begin your day with gratitude? Does your day consist of one serendipitous moment after another? Would you like to add more ‘Joy Juice’ to your life? Here are some tips on how to create the dream life you want, moment by moment.

  1. Focus on happiness and removing negative self talk from your life NOW. When we remove negative tapes we also need to replace the empty space with something else or the old patterns of thought will sneak right back in. This brings us to our second point.
  2. Create positive affirmations. Have you heard of these? If so, you may have tried doing affirmations in the past. If not let us begin! Are you currently doing affirmations? Do you have the dream life you want? Well, let us start doing affirmations DAILY. Then never stop. Affirmations have a very specific way of working. They are written in the present or past tense, as if it has ALREADY been manifested. They are written in the positive, never using ‘I don’t’ etc. Use I AM statements to begin and NOW to end your sentences. Keep each affirmation general, do not limit your mind on how to attract what you want. Stay on topic and keep it fairly short. Allow your subconscious mind to work out the details of the HOW and WHY. Place at least 3 in your car, on your fridge, by your bed and, yes, in your bathroom eye level to when you go. These all are places of ‘high density emotions’. Your affirmations may change from month to month, year to year, but we always must place positivity into our minds and keep no room for the negative tapes to replay.  This brings us to our next tip.
  3. Write a list of what you want in every area of your life. Make a list for home, self, health, spirituality, career, family, community, relationships, and any other ‘hats; you may wear. This is not difficult, it is actually really fun! Why? Because you are writing about your favorite topic, your SELF. This isn’t narcissistic, this is a necessary part of the manifestation process!
  4. Create a VISION BOARD! What is that, you may ask? This is a physical, tangible poster of cut outs and print outs of things that represent your dream life. Then you paste it all together onto a board in a fun creative process. The board is then placed in a prominent area of your home where you see it upon rising and before going to bed. Segue into the next point, please.
  5. Before going to bed EVERY NIGHT: Say your affirmations, then look at your vision board. Really FEEL the dreams on your board, as if you ALREADY have it. Feel how you would after that is manifested in your life.
  6. Hold this feeling for 17 seconds then put together 4 of these feelings, really attracting this joy into your life. 68 seconds is all it takes. (For much more on this tip read Money and The Law of Attraction, by Abraham-Hicks.
  7. For the last 5 minutes before sleep, always go to bed with your mind in your I AM vibration. If something happened that day and it was not so positive, it may come up before sleeping. Bring yourself back into the feeling of abundance. Never go to bed with the negative thought. Stop, get up and do something then come back to bed using the technique above. This is a critical time to spend 6-8 hours in a frequency of manifestation, so make sure that you are in this positive place before sleep.
  8. Ask your angels, Guides, Archangels, Master Teacher and any connection to something Greater than your self for their help and support in your life. This is 99% of the work. STAY in that connection. Surrender to the flow. Remember when we force things through, we are going against the flow. TRUST.
  9. Schedule an appointment with a professional to help you with this process, someone that you can trust, who has similar values and is easy to talk to.
  10. Reiki and Yoga, Meditation and Angels plus simply being in nature are all amazing tools to help create joy.

I know these techniques work. Try them for just a few days and you will see results. Stay with it and you will create the dream life you deserve and know is perfect for you. Namaste.


Originally published on by Lisa Ware, Dallas Yoga Examiner