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To start off the New Year I wanted to share what I read this morning and how meditation works for me in this new life.

Coffee with The Buddha by Joan Duncan Oliver #waashere
How will meditation help me handle situations in everyday life?

Meditation trains the mind to slow down and observe. It opens up an inner spaciousness in which you can watch thoughts and feelings as they arise and pass away. When you understand that moods, bodily sensations, and thoughts-however compelling-don’t last, you become less reactive, reducing the likelihood of outbursts or rash behavior.
A balanced mind has choices. Above all, mindfulness keeps you in the present moment. Instead of dwelling on past regrets or future speculation, you can attend fully to what’s in front of you, here and now.

Imagine you notice a huge crowd of people gathered around a famous movie star. Suddenly someone hands you a bowl filled to the brim with oil and says, “You have to carry this on your head through the crowd, and if you spill a drop, we’ll cut off your head.” What do you think -will your attention be on the movie star or on the bowl of oil?

The oil, of course. But isn’t it sometimes better not to pay attention to what’s in front of you? If I’m doing something boring or routine like washing dishes or raking leaves, why shouldn’t I let my mind wander and use the time productively-to ponder a problem I need to solve, say or to hatch a creative project?

Is letting your mind wander really a productive use of your time? If you constantly chase after distant phantoms to avoid feelings or boredom or dislike, how will you ever learn to deal with the reality of displeasing mind states- or discover that acknowledging them is the first step to reducing discomfort? When you stay in the moment mindfully, any number of things can happen. For ones, you’re less likely to break a dish or trip over your rake-harm yourself or others. For another, you’ll finish the task faster with better results.
Above all, you’ll see your habitual responses clearly, giving you an opportunity to change your attitudes and behavior. Become curious about what you don’t like or understand, and as you observe it, watch your feeling about it change.

Today I share Buddha’s philosophy
Buddha #waashere