erinpostAge is an interesting phenomenon. One that I have had the pleasure of assisting women (and men for that matter) in the constant battle against it.  I have been right along side the thousands chasing outrageously expensive caviar creams, Botox, fillers, lasers, surgeries, and various skin treatments, all in the hope of regaining the look of their youth.  Years of life experience create layers and layers of dullness upon the once bright skin of carefree days.  Past beach parties, and “environmental” damage start to show up as dark brown patches years after the fun, the scars of past break outs (and break ups) are deeply imbedded in our facial tissues, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to take hold.  Our bodies are slowing down in the renewal process and our skin cells become stagnant.  All the “debris” of our past begins to visibly settle in.  One day you wake up and realize that beautiful healthy glow of youth is quickly diminishing, and let me tell you , the vast majority of the population will do just about anything to get that glow back.  It has become a multi billion dollar industry just in the last 15 years.

The one treatment that I’ve seen remain the leader of non-invasive, total skin rejuvenation procedures is microdermabrasion.  The machines have definitely progressed in efficiency and the out dated aluminum oxide exfoliating crystals have been replaced by more advanced (and much nicer feeling) diamond tipped wands, however the basic concept of total skin rejuvenation has remained the same. As we age, we have to start helping the body rid itself of the old dull skin cells to let the healthy fresh new cells (yes our bodies continue to produce new cells our entire lives) come to the surface to reveal a supple, healthy , glowing complexion, no matter what your age.  The most wonderful thing about it though, is that it’s a very relaxing treatment.  I have been performing microderm (for short) facials thru out my entire career and been a trainer as well.  The treatments I do are about an hour long and include all the loveliness of a facial ( cleanse, steam, massage, etc) plus a microderm which feels very comfortable like a soft scrub with light suction.  Not only is it exfoliating layers of dead cells, dirt, and debris on the surface, but the gentle vaccuum like suction is also increasing circulation and oxygen to the facial tissues, promoting new collagen and elastin growth.  Fluids that have become stagnant in the face are moved and drained thru the body , reducing puffiness and helping to clear acne.  It tightens and tones the muscles too!  I tell my clients it’s like taking your face to the gym ( only alot more enjoyable).  When you get your skin on a good health regimen, you really begin to reap the benefits.  Noticeable improvements begin to really show, pores tighten, discoloration evens out, fine lines diminish, you truly get your youthful glow back all while relaxing in a calm, comforting environment.  You will experience your entire being start to destress.  And yes I include lots of massage in my treatments as well as a variety of chemical and fruit peels to enhance your results.  So come in and begin your wonderful journey to skin health and restoration with me. And yes you’ll start feeling the positive effects on the inside too….

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