Morning Meditation- Free as a Squirrel

When I put it in my head that I was moving to Dallas I knew that when I got here it was imperative for me to set a schedule. And really create the world that I foresee for myself. Just because I no longer report to a subscribed machine does not mean I am to lay in the bed and dream about getting paid all day.

I have slowly been accomplishing my goals and I am proud of myself. Often times we make ‘plans’ to do something but the allure of doing NOTHING is so much more enticing.

And I’ll be honest, the first week I was here, I did nothing on my Make it Happen list. BUT I was WORKING my behind off with clearing my living space so it evens out.

After two days of going hard in the paint, when I am in go mode, I go. People try to tell me to take a break, but if I am in motion allow me to be in motion. But on day three I was worthless. I slept pretty much the whole day, I was lethargic, had the chills, and my body had been depleted.

I stayed in the bed for two days.

Week two was filled with taking my mother to chemo and making connections. I secured the location for the Hippie Diva events and did yoga for the first time in a long time. These were two items on my Make it Happen list.

Week three, well it’s a holiday weekend and I am faced with do I acknowledge the holiday and sleep in or do I get up and Make it Happen?

I was awaken by a baby trying to push me out the way and off her bottle at 7am. And even though I went to bed at 2am I was surprisingly alert. So I made Jr her bottle and grabbed my mat to go outside and meditate.

Meditation is definitely on my Make it Happen list. Starting my day with God at the head, alignment of self with the universe, and just a place of expectancy and gratitude is very important for me.

So I sat outside and enjoyed nature. My goal is an hour a day, I was outside for an hour but I struggled to keep my mind still. But in my mind wandering I had a few revelations.

I know the title of my next book; I’ll start writing it today. I have already communicated with my creative energy and am excited for what we will come up with.

I need to apologize to my mother for standing in judgment of her. Something happened to me Saturday at yoga. I believe I turned a page and I have really been able to see things untainted by ego and judgment. But in that seeing things without judgment I am able to see where I have stood in judgment. It’s time to make that right.

I watched two squirrels playfully jump from tree to tree without inhibition. They played freely without a care in the world. As I watched these to lovely creations I pondered why every one of God’s creations lives a life free of care EXCEPT man? These squirrels aren’t worried about where their next meal will come from, or where they will sleep tonight. Why?

Because they are in flow, they are within their purpose and as long as you are within your flow and your purpose you will always, you hear me, ALWAYS be provided for! This aint no fluff and stuff this is stone cold truth!

These squirrels live a life of expectancy. They are so secure in their connection with source and purpose they are up at 7am running around playing… I hope you do not take this as a cute little story about squirrels, but instead take heed and know that if you are worried, you are out of alignment. It is as simple as returning to alignment to secure that same peace.


Don’t Worry About a Thing
Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright


God is amazing! Life is amazing! Reading The White Book really has helped me to see God in all things. Look past the physical being and see the God within us all. How can you not love your neighbor if you are a lover of God?

So it was a great mediation. And now I am working. This blog post, and after a quick shower, I will get to studying The Course, writing, reading, and working! I have a five week workshop I have to put together that I am extremely excited about.

Be still and know that I am God (Pslm 46:10) meditate on that for a minute.


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