Morning Meditation- Tree’s Speak

I absolutely love meditating outside! There is something about being around nature, which is the root word in natural, that you just get a sense of how things should be.

So this morning I woke up energized and ready to go! I even cooked breakfast, go me lol

I went outside to begin the work of manifesting my event on the 15th and to run through the dialogue.

As I sat on the back porch I felt the breeze and listened to the sounds around me. It was cold yall! I was going to go inside and get a jacket but I challenged myself to appreciate Gods kisses-the wind.

So once I centered my mind around being comfortable in the chill I wasn’t cold anymore. It was actually quite comfortable.

What was revealed to me in this mornings meditation:

These trees…. first I live in tornado valley… yeah. And whether a tornado actually has touched down here or not, these trees in my moms backyard have experienced some serious winds!

I looked as the leaves gently blew in the wind and thought about how through it all, as long as these trees remain connected to the source, they will live. And not only will they live but these trees are thriving.

The wind may blow, the rain may fall, the blistering chill may set in, but these trees remain strong.

NOW if for any reason they disconnect from the source, they will wither and die, that is just natural.

BUT as long as they stay connected to the source, they will not only have a whole body supporting them, but after everything is over, these trees will still go on living, reaching up to the heavens for Gods Manna….

These trees made me think of people, dough (Homer Simpson)!

It made me think, as long as we stay connected to the source, we also can withstand whatever is thrown at us. As long as we stay connected to The Divine who cares if a tornado blows through our lives! We may end up on our ears but we are still standing!

And not only are we still standing we are stronger, taller, and reaching higher into the heavens for God’s manna!

See when a baby tree  transplant sways and bends in the wind we fear it may break. Man has taken to putting posts (which are made of trees that have been cut down-what a slap in the face to the tree lol), to keep the tree from uprooting and breaking.

These transplanted trees will eventually make it, but how strong they will be is to be determined.

But is the trees that are of natural sources and are allowed to blow and sway and get its butt kicked without aid of posts, those are the trees that weather the storms. Those are the trees that are still here hundreds of years later.

So much wisdom in a tree, you just have to tap in and listen. This morning I listened and I heard, be strong in faith, hold on, the bumps and bruises are of purpose, it only makes you stronger. I made you so you can bend and sway because if you didn’t you’d snap under pressure. But don’t take that flexibility for weakness, because though you are flexible you are STRONG, just stay connected to source!


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