NetWORKing Event; I had FUN!

I went to a fabulous networking event. had an amazing clothing drive and networking event and the turn out was fabulous! I immediately walked in and connected with the people I was supposed to.

See I have a theory on networking. I think the way people do it is backwards, and its stressful, and its a disconnected approach that does more harm than good.

See, what I feel about networking is, when you are within purpose, you don’t have to be at all the events and collect/ hand out the most business cards.

You just have to listen to your spirit, be in flow, and be at the right place and speak to the right people.

And when you are being guided, that happens-every time! When you are within flow there are no missed opportunities!

I have been blessed with so many opportunities with just sitting at my computer. I have made major connections and made many lasting contacts with people around the world!

I haven’t spent a dime, I didn’t pass out a business card, I didn’t collect any business cards, and I did it all in my pajamas!

That is the difference between purposeful netWORKing and working… when you are within purpose it just aligns.


And that is what happened when I walked through the door at the networking event.

Those who know me know I don’t like to talk, I know really? Yes really. If I open my mouth it is of purpose, I am not that blah blah blah chic unless I am on the phone with my best friend, and even then I am going on and on for hours at a time because we only talk ‘like that’ once or twice a month.

But otherwise I don’t like talking and networking is at its core, ‘small talk’, with intentions.

 If I speak it is for no other reason then to serve not receive. YES I receive but I don’t spark relationships on the basis of ‘what can you do for me’?

So anyway, I walk in and its amazingly stunning, knows how to throw a party! I ate meat, yep! And it was GOOD! So was that cheese-ummmmmm 🙂

But how I left with one business card and felt like more of a success at netWORKing then if I would have had a card from everyone in the room is: I have been asking God to help me find a photographer. Out here in Dallas, I know no one and I wasn’t inspired to start googling photographers just yet.

So let me share with you how purpose works.

NetWORKing GOD style!

 A woman walked by me with some beautiful hair and I complimented her hair.

From that compliment >>>> I spoke with intention to give, not with intention to receive. She in turn told me she is a professional photographer (she actually had a camera in her hand)

She asked me what I do, and when I told her I have a radio show and an inspirational speaker she said, well we need to get you some pictures, get your web presence together AND I just left a speaking engagement with a dynamic speaker and you really should connect with her. If you really want to take your motivational speaking to the next level this woman can help you… We need too hook up girl, give me a call I’ll get you in contact with all the right people! <<<<all in one breath!


Oh, did I mention I also asked God that this networking event lead to many workshop opportunities and speaking engagements?

 Oh, well, I did!

And I received all of that from ONE BUSINESS CARD that CAME TO ME!

 This one woman, who, all I did was compliment her hair led me to the manna in Dallas!

See, I didn’t have to get out of my comfort zone, and awkwardly participate in conversations waiting for the prime opportunity to hand over my business card.

I just had to communicate with God what I desired and step out on purpose! The one person I needed to meet to connect me to the next connection walked right by me and I spoke up, not because I wanted anything from her, only to pay her a compliment.

The law of giving and receiving; you gotta give to receive and I am in my season of receiving!

How I ended up at the networking event is a story of divine alignment in itself! God woke me up with an action I was to do that was totally unrelated. I did it, and the one person who replied on a totally unrelated topic was the CEO of… SAY WHA?! HUH?!

 She invited me out and the rest is unfolding as I type.

 So in the end I say, follow your heart. Just because you are led to a particular destination doesn’t mean what you are to receive is what was expected. Look for opportunities at every stop of this journey. You can be in a sea of red and its for you to receive blue but if you are only focused on seeing red you will always miss the blue opportunities.


So pay attention, and stop trying to force this life. It’s real easy once you fall into flow.

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