Transforming Tribe

STARTS 10/1/16


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Are you ready to start this One Simple Change Lifestyle?

Learn how to achieve your health goals for yourself, and apply what you learn to get transformational results. 30 days,  6 weeks or 90 days, you choose what fits into your life.

Week 1

Learning to Eat More Whole Foods


Transform 30, or 90 day program, whole foood shopping guide and costs incurred.

Week 1: Healthy whole food eating overview

Importance of Water, Sleep, Breath and Movement. Grocery store shoppng! Let’s look at healthy options!

Week 2: Recipes, how to plan ahead

Pre meal prep ideas, prep for lunchboxes.

Week 3: Healthy fats, Sugar~ what to eat, what to avoid

How to implement the Transform30 plan in daily life.

Week 4: Recipes that we love

Shareing favorite ones. Discuss ways of getting the family involved with the healthy lifestyle.


Peace, Love + Light~
Lisa Ware