New Moon Check, Abundance and Manifestation Principles and Intention Setting

Dear lovely readers~

I am so feeling this energy of total manifestation and abundance. Are you? What have you been creating in your life? What is about to come through for you? Harvesting time from all of your seeds is here!

Feel the resistance and do it anyway, one of my mentors teaches! Everyone has resistance! But those that manifest PUSH THROUGH! Let’s be bold! Time to accept the blessings and live out loud! Time for us to open up the back of the heart chakra and bring it in! <3

We all feel the same every day, our brain wants to feel the same! It is programmed that way. Safety, comfort, the primal brain, the one without the frontal lobe. But good news! As my ol pops used to say about dogs, especially when our dogs did something really dumb, “no frontal lobe.” We have the ability to do so much, as long as we do the work! Manifestation is NOT sitting around waiting from ‘Manna from Heaven’ like my mom used to say! We do the action and let the Universe pour into those actions!

That is how ya do it! Yin and Yang, baby! Everything in perfect balance. Bring on the huge day dreams! Keep them! They were ALREADY GIVEN TO YOU! When Spirit gives you a Vision it is already so. It is. Done. All you have to do is FINISH THE PROCESS, bring it in to this realm. The thought realm is the first realm into this reality that is manifest, as part of the chakra system, in our own bodies thoughts manifest in the third eye, the ajna chakra, the space between the bridge of he nose and the brow, between the eye and the ears. There.

Focus. See it. FEEEEEEL IT! It is already happened! See it! Hold it! Bring in more detail!

67 sec?

Now, let it go!


Let go of any outcomes, simply focus on bringing yourself and your actions, your karmic actions and your thoughts to the Highest Vibration possible.



Want to write out your New Moon Check? Simply make a blnk check on some paper, address it to yourself, write in your dream, sign it from the UNIVERSE or SPIRIT or GOD or MAHANTA or whatever you see as something greater than yourself.

Leave it.

Let go and Let God. (but do the work, you got that part, right?)


Peace, Love + Light~