New Moon Reflections

If we all could take just three to five minutes at the beginning of our days to recharge ourselves, do you think the world would be a better place?


Do you think that if everybody sat in front of a beautiful setting, looking at the sunrise, in front of a lit candle, gazing at some crystals, looking at Family Photos, praying, whatever, do you think that people might be less reactive? Do you think that we might be less judgmental of others? When we start our day from the place of recharging ourselves then our cup is not running on depleted and empty.


Do you remember the old Biblical adage ‘the cup overfloweth’? Well this is the case with our energy. There’s nobody else is going to refill or recharge our energy. We must do it ourselves! The good news is, we are not alone. We have help! Whether you believe it or not, we have the ability to immediately check in. This is tapping into something greater than ourselves. Our angels, archangels, Master Teachers, guides, spirit animals, and our ultimate Highest Source.


When we take a few moments to tap in, we are able to come from a place not of ourselves,, but from a place where we act as a channel for this beautiful white light energy to come through us. We begin to shine bright, and the diamond inside of us becomes more and more purified. The outer layers of the diamond, the coal, the dirt, the grime, the layers, all of that begins to shed off and people begin to see this Light shining through! We don’t ever take credit for this Light because it is not of ourselves, however we are pleased and honored to carry it forward. When we commune with others who also share this Light our light not only becomes duplicated but it becomes exponential! And this is how we change the world! One line at a time, one candle lighting another candle. When my friend Missy died we all had a candlelight vigil. We lit candles from each other’s candles and together we stood brightly shining our light. That light destroys the darkness. The light of just one candle! That candle is you!


Go, Shine Your Light! Be you!


Peace, Love, Light~


August 3

Summer 2016


PS This was written just 2 hours before we met with the recruiter and my son told me he is ready to enlist in the United States Navy!

WOW!!! What a way to culiminte the new moon energy, New beginnings are on the horizon for our family!