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90 Days to Feeling Fit

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This is a complete lifestyle support and health coaching program.

As a jump start to those New Year’s resolutions, we are offering to be your personal coach now and through the New Year. As coaches we realize that there are a lot of things are coming at you. We want you to have the best option to get fit and healthy and STAY FIT AND HEALTHY. Since 2013 our team has been coaching people with our lifestyle enhancement program called 90 Days to Feeling Fit~ a Transformational lifestyle program! We have combined this life and health coaching with a line of amazing whole food products as an optional catalyst, called the Transform 30 Program. All of the program downloads and coaching are totally FREE to you ($399 value)! This just may be just be the solution you have been looking for for you and your family.


T30 JP TG 90 Dayys to Feeling Fit BannerThe 90 Days to Feeling Fit Transform30 program consists of :

  • FREE initial Coaching Meeting ($65 value)
  • Full support and accountability:
    • Text or Emails.
    • Secret Facebook support group.
    • Conference call weekly via phone or video chat!
  • Perfect fit into your lifestyle and budget with a level that is just right for you.
  • Ability to use proven results to achieve all your health and wellness goals and desires.
  • Access to download the entire program on PDF ($399 value).
    • Getting Started Transform30, 90 Days to Feeling Fit (FREE to check out now!)
    • Whole Foods Shopping Guide
    • 14 Day Meal Plan with Recipes
    • Big Book of Smoothie Recipes (over 100!)
    • 3o Clean Eating Recipes
    • Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes
    • Daily Health and Wellness Tracker and more!
  • 3 levels to choose from based on your lifestyle and budget; a super easy way to get 30 to 71+ whole foods into your body, and your kids bodies, daily!
    • Platinum~ Order the Trio plus Complete Whole Food Drink Mix, 2 shakes a day.
    • Gold~ Order the Trio plus Complete Whole Food Drink Mix, 1 shake a day.
    • Silver~ Order the Complete Whole Food Drink Mix, 1 shake a day.
Plant Power

What is Juice Plus? Plant Power! 71 Whole Foods!

  • Experience amazing results, such as:
    • Fewer cravings for sugar
    • Less desire for fast, processed foods
    • More energy (yea!)
    • Huge reductions of belly fat
    • More lean muscle tone
    • Healthier, glowy skin
    • Shiny hair and nails
    • Less systematic inflammation
  • 31 Published clinically researched results!

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Receive a personal Health Coach.


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Concerned for your kids? Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables?

FREE Children’s Fruits and Veggie Chewables for ages 4 to full time college student!

ASK US when you sign up to add your child FREE with your order! 

Program daily details:

  1. Eat Juice Plus+ fruit, veggie and vineyard whole food powders (capsules or in tasty chewables)
  2. Drink 1 or 2 shakes as a meal if you want to lose, as a snack if you want to cleanse (shake it up or make in a smoothie). For a super tasty, non-gmo, vegan, low glycemic, high fiber shake we recommend Juice Plus+ Complete.
  3. Eliminate gluten and dairy for 30 days
  4. Eat as clean as you can the rest of the time.
  5. Begin to eliminate items from your fridge and pantry replacing with items off the Whole Food Shopping List.
  6. Free coaching is offered to you on how to shop for your groceries, make smoothies and so much more. We coach you how to shop, what to buy, even teach you how to do a pantry makeover and make salad in a jar!
  7. Lose weight~ check out the 90 Days to Feeling Fit before after page. So many are having great results on this plan!

6 mo T30 guy

Imagine how healthy you will become when you begin consuming 30 to 71 whole foods every single day, and remember… your KIDS ARE FREE! This is the power of Juice Plus+.  It our honor to bring this information to you and for you to allow us to help you to achieve your health goals.


To get started or to learn more, please contact us today to set up a free 15 minute health coaching consultation!


31 Published Clinical Research findings in globally respected medical journals proves results!

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