Parenting, horses and spills

So, today my daughter was riding double bareback with another girl, they had helmets on. The horse stopped and skid, they both fell off the horse. She hit the other girls spur upon the fall.  On the way down or upon the fall, her friend’s spur cut through her cheek and sliced off her gum by the molars. It went thru her cheek, also. It’s not good. She’s a trooper.

Well, apparently we didn’t hear care now call and we are back on the bottom of the wait again. Ugh. At least we’re watching Twuster and relaxing. Making her a nice plus smoothie. Hope it doesn’t pour out the hole in her cheek. Just kidding. She’s taking it really well. Treated it colloidal silver.

We decided not to go to care now due to the location of the cut, and are going to an oral surgeon first thing in the am.  Then probably stitches at a specialist for her pretty face. More to come later.

Oh and no yoga tomorrow.