Puppy therapy! First time dad gets to meet his little Flint and Spark…

Dad seemed just fine last Friday. My sister call me and told me he took a turn for the worse, so I grabbed the puppies and jumped in the car made a quick trip into Ross to grab a basket, so I could carry them into the rehab center. I drove like a mad woman for an hour to go see my dad. He really enjoyed the time with the puppies and Cherry Flame, the mommy dog. Cherry has always had an affinity for Poppa.

After just 24 hours, the next day he was rushed to the ER, is sodium levels drop to a dangerous low and the fluid build up around his lungs so he could barely breathe. Today they did surgery just a few days later, and drained over 3000 cc’s a fluid off of his lung on the left side!

The right side could not be drained because that’s too much fluid to take out at once. Hope is beginning to fade away as we left him NICU with a ventilator and they will not even wake him up until the morning just so he can actually rest. Lab results come in a couple days. The prognosis looks gloomy.

My sister and I and my nephew left the hospital and walked into the parking lot to go eat something.

A man standing next to my car in the parking lot with a star of David hanging around his neck was about to light up. He says can I ask you a question? I want to say no, because I felt like talking to noone, but I said yes, because he was old and looked nice.

He said what is the symbol on your car? And the teacher instinct in me kicked in. I explained that’s the symbol of the OM and told him what it means. I shared with him it represents birth, death, life, rebirth, the symbol of all that our Creator has given us, the Holy Trinity, Christ, the universe all wrapped up into one symbol. He SAT there and took it in.

And he said you know my wife died for 5 minutes. I said today? He said no last week. I said she came back? He said yes, and today she asked to go home. I said sir, I’m very happy for you! He said yes, me too. He wasn’t sure if she crossed over into heaven or not but he was super happy that she stayed around for him for a while.

This conversation was sent to me by a great creator to offer hope.

I’m ready for the suffering to stop.