Raw Ginger Kale Lemonade~


Here is the recipe for the freaking most amazing lemonade ever.
2 C Organic apple juice
3C filtered water
2T Raw honey
4 large Organic Kale leaves (I pick move straight of my Tower Garden!)PhotoGrid_1456686515960I Organic Lemon
(without the peel, leave on if you’re really hard core)
1 Scoop Vanilla Complete
2T Coconut Oil Organic, of course
1″ cut raw ginger
3T Hemp Hearts
1C ice, optional.
Blend all ingredients in Vitamix or high powered blender. If you don’t have one you can freeze the kale then use frozen with a regular blender.
It makes a delicious creamy coconut foam on the top like whipped cream. Oh yum!
Enjoy with a friend!