Recap 2014~ Year of Chaos, Beauty, Letting Go, Energy of Kali and the Phoenix

Happy New Year 2015! Thank you Spirit that it is a New Year!

Blessings and Peace and may all your intentions come to fruition this year!
It is Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio’s 4 Year Anniversary! Happy Birthday to my baby, born 1/1/11 !
I have another ‘baby’ that was born today. I bought a huge cabin! It is going to be delivered onto our beautiful property in a few weeks, ready to be finished into our NEW OVILLA, TX STUDIO! I am excited beyond words.
I have meditated, prayed, and spent so much time thinking about the future after the fire of our home last fall. I have been open to all possibilities in my work and personal life, and am manifesting the life that I dream.
Last year held so much chaos, and so much wisdom. I was able to practice letting go, over and over (and over). It was brutal. It was beautiful. I am so freaking happy that now I get to say ‘WAS’ not ‘IS’. THANK YOU SPIRIT for getting me through this.
On January 1, 2014, like I do every year I held my Hot New Year’s Vinyasa and after we created Vision Boards. EVERYTHING on my board has manifested onto the physical plane in just a short year~ nature, helping others, owning horse(s), dream home, financial freedom, writing my first book, a booming nutrition business with Juice Plus, a happy family, college savings plan, debt free, more more more…
14-01 Lisa Vision Board
I started this practice of creating a Vision Board on New Years Day 4 years ago. It took several years for the momentum to take place.
Kali Ma has been a ruler of my destiny in 2014 as well as te energt of the Phoenix. My Angels, Spirit Guides and Animals, Master Teachers and of course Creator have guided me every step of the way. I NEVER lose touch… even for a moment.

This last year went down like this… the Divine synchronicities are mind blowing:

Jan.~ Created my board. Mother in law recovered from a Traumatic Brain Injury that had her in an induced coma for 3 months. Taught classes at my studio, conduced my Teacher Training, normal mom/ wife stuff. Every day I nursed a baby kitten that we found, Ming the Siamese. Presented at Texas Yoga Conference with my BFF Jenny Buergermeister, had my first acupuncture and same night an amazing astral journey while with Adri Kyser, and the next morning held Reiki session with the Angelic that was incredible with Karena Virginia.
Feb.~ Held a Goddess Retreat and Circle at the Waterfall on our property that was beyond INTENSE, Taught some acro workshops. We found a horse that my daughter fell in love with, bought him for a surprise for her bday next month. Manifested the money from my Juice Plus biz to buy him cash. Daughter won the School District talent show singing.
Mar.~ Surprised daughter with Cochise, our Paint Horse. On her birthday, my Chihuahua got taken by a coyote in the early dawn~ Mortifying. Held a beautiful Reiki 1 Attunement. My son got his dirvers permit. I worked on my mermaid tattoo to achieve completion soon, added 5 more hours and lots of color.
April~ Had fallen in love with Diva, a yearling horse owned by my Native American sister/ mentors, she kept coming to me in dreams. Daughter received bday money, we bought her on the full moon. Found out that my dad had espohogeal cancer, I was at a biz event where I just met a nutritionist who works with oncology. My Golden Retriever, Ted E Bear, 15, died peacefully in his sleep. Graduated 5 of my yoga teacher trainees; held a sound healing retreat graduation weekend.  Raised awareness locally with a TOMS. Went to Phoenix and filmed some videos for Juice Plus. I completed my entire mermaid tattoo with the last session of the 35 hours being 8 straight, since my artist was moving, this was a completion of the process of letting go of my mother’s passing since May 2008.
May~ I spent 3 days each week teaching yoga for teen girls and elementary kids at local schools, this was so fulfilling …and tiring! Saw a huge double rainbow right over my yoga studio. Tons of Acro fun. Started taking da to a nutritionist and getting him on a total pantry clean out.
June~ Last day of 5th for my girl and 10th for my son. My dad started chemo and radiation. I went to all his appointments. Bought a horse trailer from one of my yoga students. Held a Summer Solstice Vision Board Workshop, I added DISCIPLINE.
July~ to be continued…