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I decided to clear out my email box today, over 1500 emails just sitting around. I first wanted to do a mass delete. I haven’t looked at it I mind as well get rid of it right?


Well NO! I am a writer and I have some pretty ‘telling’ emails that I know will be a reflective tool for me and a help to you all.


Here is an email that I sent to my pastor 10/30/12, see I told yall, I too had to fight for this!

 Hey Pastor, 

 I am struggling. My faith is being developed and I am learning to lean on God. I’m assuming. I don’t know at this point. I’m extremely stressed. It’s hard for me to put into words. I can’t talk to too many people because the people around me are also in the midst of growing their faith or don’t really believe in God and what He really is. So I give all that to say, can you call me? Or can I call you? I’m really confused and I need someone who is strong in Faith to talk to who can help me sort through what I’m feeling. 

 It’s a journey but it is well worth every step of the way!

 Here is when I first started blogging 8/24/12:

 Tony Robbins rolls with Oprah so you know he’s official. He’s the one that had Oprah walking over hot coals. Anywho, I’m really fired up, the excitement I get when I have any inspiration but this inspiration is over all life. I am making life changes, I am excited about life! I am having a mental shift so I know this is where the rubber meets the road and I get proactive and life change is happening.

I started working out twice a day. I have been working out almost every day for a MONTH! That is a record. I have worked out for a month or say had a gym membership lol. And I’m still fired up! I enjoy giving my little home workouts 110%. 
I’m reading and educating myself. Its called pre-pare prepare not post-pare so I am preparing myself for the life God intended for me to live ages ago but again this is my journey and my testimony. 
I’m running off of maybe 4 hours of sleep, Jr. doesn’t care about schedules and the fact that Mommy went to bed at 11:30, she’s up at 4am wanting a bottle. Lately she hasn’t been taking the breast which is boo-hoo indeed. My milk is running low, I’ve come to terms with it.
Otherwise on to business. I am writting my blog post even though I don’t have the internet. I feel I’ll get it out. Everyday I must do something to further my goals. One baby step at a time. 

 So many things in this email I mentioned doing in this email just for money (not included), no purpose at this point, but I was inspired! God was moving in my life!

 And Lastly, when I started writing What’s the Best That Can Happen?  

12/12/12<<< interesting date lol

 Just checking in. Nothing major to report. I started writing my new book Whats the Best That can happen, its a self development book. two books, the first book will cover changing the psychology the second will cover life i.e. finance, health, relationship, career, purpose, etc. im excited. I started this weekend, it is so different than what is out there. It is bridging the gap between people like me and enlightening. i speak ‘normal’ lol. making the concepts comprehendable. Anywho, i wanted to share. 


 I believe that this book is before the body of christ. This will be the book to open the gate and the body of christ will follow. this book is ME my spirit, the body of christ i have to research and learn. 

i am thinking end of jan for completion. i am waking up in the morning to write, Wayne Dyer said, dont go back to sleep the wind is telling secrets. since i started writing this book Jr. wakes me up (she has always) but these two days when she wakes me up I am hit with what to talk about in the coming chapter. this morning it was on me heavy BUT it was 3am! I had it worded so perfectly in my head but i said ‘ill remember when i wake up…’ not so much so i believe Jr. is being used as a tool to wake me and i need to be writing. 
i am on information consumption overload, i am so excited about this spiritual awakening. i see you me and Dawn on the cover of essence one day! 
i will need to build a website at some point. i am an inspirational speaker and author, too funny our life purposes are the same, it is truly amazing. 
im gearing up for something great and ‘what i desire is on its way’ AMEN!!!

Funny, I accomplished all of these things! Sure I had a laundry list of desires to get money but those were not purpose and those weren’t true hearts desires. But the book, the website, the moving into purpose, and what I desire being on the way… amazing!

 Thank you for sharing with me! I love journaling, something I share in What’s the Best That Can Happen? I am sitting here almost a year later seeing that I too struggled, I too had to reach out to someone for support, my pastor and my sister, and I needed someone to hold me accountable. It’s all good! It’s all God!


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