Renewing the vision- My New Vision Board

So I was up till 3am constructing my new vision board.

Totally excited about the upcoming workshop and all around applying in my own life the principles that I will be teaching June 15th.

The materials weren’t that costly, and I only used two of the three magazines I purchased.

This post is really to compare my past vision board to my current vision board. There are some distinct differences that are worthy of discussion.


This is the vision board I constructed Aug 2011, and as I shared in my previous post, I have achieved every single thing on this board that was a hearts desire.


This is the vision board I did last night/this morning! As you can see they are vastly different.

Some of the differences right off that I notice is the first one has a lot of pictures and very little words. While this second one has tones of words and very little pictures.

 This wasn’t on purpose, more so divinely designed. I am a visual girl, hence the vision board lol. And I really was looking for pictures. Of course the Essence with the double duo on the cover caught my eye. Who can pass up Oprah and Tyler! And to be honest this board is all Essence and very little Marie Clare.

 When I started looking for images the pickings was slim… Are all magazines fashion magazines now? I mean every page is ‘what so and so is doing and what they are wearing.’ I’ll pass!

 So I don’t know if this is trend or just what was intended for my vision board, because I couldn’t find very many pictures and in reflection I quickly stopped looking for pictures and started looking for uplifting quotes.

 Second, what I see different from my first one to my second is the quote across the top. The first one is helping me gain confidence by telling myself ‘I believe, I receive, I am worthy’, I was really working to shift my mentality to tell myself I deserve these things, I am worthy.

 For the most recent vision board clearly worth is no longer an issue as I put, ‘It’s My Time’ across the top. I now know I am worthy of all God intended for me, now its time to make it happen!

 Third difference I see is the first vision board is highly materially focused, while the second is more career and spiritually focused. On the first one, my idea of spirituality was finding a good church home and praying regularly. My career aspirations were all over the place as I ‘thought’ I wanted to be a celebrity hair stylist, a best selling author, a philanthropist, a successful home day care provider, and pretty much ANYTHING that would bring in money! I wanted the look, the banging body, the relationships with friends, the fabulous this the grand that…

 My idea of spirituality now is very involved with personal relationship with God, I do not attend a church, I talk to God all day everyday, and do a lot of aligning. God is EVERYTHING and I now know there is no separation between myself and The Divine. So when I moved into career there isn’t a clear divide. I am relationship and I teach relationship. Being all I am is completely aligned with my career success. There isn’t fifty-one-million job ideas on the new board, just various avenues to achieve the one goal; Inspiring the world to live life enlightened. As for the rest of the board, I just want to be the best me I can be. Healthy, strong, beautiful.

 I am totally in tune with nature now, so I’d weather be surrounded by nature than a perfectly landscaped yard.

 My new vision board is a work in progress as I add things that I come across. Now that I fully understand the magic behind aligning vision and belief, unlike the old board that ended up in the back of my closet, this new board will stay posted on my wall and I will actively manifest and create my reality on a daily basis.

 Now what is the same? HOT PASSIONATE STEAMY NAUGHTY SEX! Yes! For whoever said sex isn’t everything (I might have said it at one point) must have never had GREAT SEX!!! SEX is the glue! Yes everything else OF COURSE but if the sex is whack… I’m sorry… we can be friends lol but seriously.

 I am ready for my husband. I would like it to be My Honey but I am open to receive whomever God has in store for me. All I know is the sex better be REAL NICE!

 I wanted to share and those of you in the DFW area I hope that you join me June 15th at Yoga 4 Love Studios for a Vision Board workshop unlike any other!

Be Blessed Stay Focused

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