Retreat 4 Goddesses with Paradiso and Rasamayi Sound Healing weekend

I had the most AMAZING massage today at our Dragonfly Spa. I was the sorest I have been in a very long time before today after such an amazing Retreat 4 Goddesses weekend with internationally acclaimed artists, Paradiso and Rasamayi. This weekend consisted of some heavy duty much necessary healing from the Divine Feminine. The Sound Healing Concert with Paradiso and Rasamayi on Friday night was incredible. Everyone in attendance felt someting shift in a most positive way for each person it was something different and totally personal. The music simply is created with alignment to Source, Christ Consciousness, God, Goddess or however each connects to something greater then themselves. My experience was that of an aching on the back of my heart that was blown wide open with the gong and then refined with the crystal bowls. My hubby, Richard and I also connected on a great level relaxing and activating.

Then Saturday I held a Chakra Master Class and the artists played Live for the entire class. We moved through each chakra with music, asana, crystals and journaling for self reflection. I was led to really focus on less poses and more time for holding, resting and journaling. When we reached the third chakra, Fire, the energy shifted and then I led the class through 1/2 of 108 prastration push-ups in the style of Shiva Rea, in 6 sessions of 12. They were really moving through the change and shift of dynamic and Paradiso and Rasamayi were in total connection with the flow and their music. The class was 2 hours, and at the end everyon had journaled about two pages and was totally physicaly spent, but exhillirated.

The men left and Rasamayi led the Goddesses in a workshop on the AUM, then I made a nutritious lunch with teaching on detox and green smoothie making. The afternoon was well spend with Divine Feminine Activation. We ended with an crystal bowl session and an angelic song in meditation by Rasamayi that totally rocked my world. The next day we went to King Spa and brought my little Goddess. We had a mommy daughter spa day with Rasamayi, me, her and Beki. It was the perfect ending to an AUMazubg weekend.