sab·o·tage  [sabuh-tahzh, sab-uhtahzh] noun


any underhand interference with production, work, etc., in aplant, factory, etc., as by enemy agents during wartime or byemployees during a trade dispute.


any undermining of a cause.

verb (used with object)


to injure or attack by sabotage.


This last sunday at WAAS I had another enchanting experience with Sofiya Hyder and Woman In Writing which happens monthly now at the gallery.  The topic always hits home which is a true reflection of our cosmic connection.  We’ve created a sacred space so all woman may feel comfortable and share what they need at that moment on that day.  The writing of woman began and the symphony of tender words resinate with in.  We dig deep, wanting, yearning to be better writers, facilators, and just getting true and vulnerable.


Topic WAAS “Self Care & Sabotage” which I know not enough and all to much.  Right now I am so many things to everyone and even being a single mom to my son has its challenges and consequences when we don’t listen to our bodies.


Currently my stress level isn’t my choice.  It is the playing field I am on.  Hard ball and I am playing hard. So between being a mom, new business, celebrity hair & makeup artist, manager of serval artist & there growing careers (no pressure there), building collections, appraising, and revolutionizing the art world with innovation.  Self care can be forgotten.  This is what I wrote and just thought I would share my truth.


The Wonderous World of WAAS

that’s my new self care, my medical plan, my treatment.

The dancing goddesses, rituals taking place, and the bright light going off & opening unconscious to our conscious. This is a plan to institute love, awareness, and the power to just believe.


And that’s what happened

I began to believe again.


Even being a a powerful mystic being has its hard ship at time. Especially when you know & you’ve been shown doesn’t always mean it is now.

Thru and in most of this life has been Sabotage. Thinking I’m not deserving or good enough to be what I know I am to be.


I am to lead, I am to connect, I am to heal, I am to be healed, I am my new self care.


Patterns, addictions, and wanting to be in control keeps me from personal growth.


Everything is shifting and I’m clearing my landing pad for more positive arrivals. I’m praying and meditating that my role in these worlds keep true. Be self serving and not self medicating.  I say I don’t want to doctors to keep medicating me, so why do I keep medicating myself?

Is it fear, the not knowing, stress, freeing my mind, or is it an excuse to not love myself completely?


I am going to commit to this Mantra during the Equinox shift.  Maybe it can help you to.


I’m dancing, I’m breathing, I’m believing,

I am alive, I am love, I am expression,

I am kind, I am purposeful, I am peace,

I am energy, I am healing, I am learning,

I am growing, I am expanding, I am open,

I am receiving, I am willing, I am good,

I am divine, I am a star



with love and light