She’s Got Legs and She Knows How to Use Them!

Legs are amazing things. They allow us to walk, run, dance, chair pose (everyone’s favorite, haha), aid in balance, and the list goes on. Legs also contain the largest and strongest bone in the body, the femur, and the largest muscle groups in the body. It stands to reason that if you work out with your legs, you will burn a lot of calories (this is why the definition of cardio involves the legs).

My home-based workout today:

20 Plie Squats (holding a 10# dumbbell)

30 Regular Squats (no weights)

20 Lunges (10 per leg, no weights)

10 Deadlifts (using 2- 10# dumbbells)

Stair climbing – 5 sets up and down a flight of steps

I repeated this series twice and I rested about a minute between each set. I plan on attending a hot yoga class later and maybe some Zumba so I didn’t want to over train. Plus I will do my Insanity workout later today as well.

I did some Zumba Toning yesterday so my legs were a little sore to start with. I usually do a serious legs/lower body workout on Mondays, arms/upper body on Wednesdays, a full body workout on Fridays, yoga daily at home,(plus classes when I can make it to them), running 3 days per week, and Zumba/Zumba Toning when I can squeeze it into my schedule.

Next week I will be weighing in and measuring. Hopefully I will have some positive news to report about that!

Till next week,

PS – Hope someone caught the ZZ Top reference. I’m probably showing my age, using it!