Spilling Joy

There’s a story of a study being done some time back.  It seems that more often than not, when about to have a wreck in their cars, most people will say, “Oh, sh*#!”  Except here in Texas where you are more likely to hear, “Hey, hold my beer.  This is gonna be good!”

Lucky for us, we are IN Texas where we’re known for  being a bit odd/different.  We DO know how to have a good time when we want to.  Having a good time seems to erase the worries — clean the slate.  As we clean so many things, keeping our slates clean is perhaps most important.  Picture all the things you’re up to – all the things you’re doing or need to get done or are bogged down with. Like they were all on a dry erase board….just wiped clean.  Ahhhh…….

But you don’t have to have a clean slate to feel joy. 
When joy comes out – all those concerns seem to be smaller.

All it takes is a thought, a “SPIN” on what’s going on inside of us.  I know that if you have the courage to feel joy in the midst of pain and struggle, others just might think you’re not taking the situations very seriously.  These things ARE important to us, but they can eat you up without the balance of a good laugh every now and then.

Laughter is VITAL.  It keeps you here and now, lubricates your funny-bone and keeps a healthy body / mind / spirit connection.  Joy springs eternal from a happy heart.

Very often we’re waiting for something outside of us to BRING us joy.  (“Jeeves, bring me some joy – now!”)  But, I’m discovering that it’s our perceptions of what’s outside of us that makes reality.  And what makes our perceptions?  How we see things is based on some very basic, personal truths:

* Are you good-natured?
* Do you give the benefit of the doubt much?
* Do you look for the best in a situation or dwell on the    worst case scenario?

Joy is a way of life – a state of mind.  We may FEEL like we’ve CAUGHT joy, but when we “in-joy”, it radiates FROM us.  So, if joy can’t be given from the outside, then it can’t be delivered to others, either – not by you or anyone else.  Have you ever tried to “make” someone happy?  It’s tricky business.  Ever bought something guaranteed to bring you joy only to be disappointed?

I suggest to you that joy emerges FROM us.  We ARE joy.  Joy is waiting to be released.  You may be thinking, “I don’t have TIME for that”.

Do you WANT more joy?

Joy is like the birth canal for birthing YOU.  You provide a safe place for joy and joy provides the “tunnel” for you to come out and get some air – be YOURSELF!  You’re there all the time.  The trick is to be aware of it.

There are 2 universal languages – music and laughter.  Go ahead and have some fun and let your inner laughter and joy out.

You are loveable.
You are loved.
You are beautiful, joy-filled music.

Rock on and Namaste from Kathy KinKaid / The Spin Goddess

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