Spring is a Time for Renewal, Creating Rituals, and My Nana


Spring is always a time of renewal. I love seeing the windflowers bloom on our property every year. In honor of my mother’s passing people donated to an arbor fund. With the fund we planted peach trees and several pounds of wildflower seeds. Now, almost 8 years later we have almost 2 acres of flowers!

What spring rituals are you creating in your life?

I love Easter, and this time has always been special, as my Nana was such a strong Spiritual leader in our family. For me to connect deeper to my Spirituality I have been doing a raw food fast til sundown over Lent. Giving up something on Lent is one practice that I really connect to on the Christian calendar. My Nana never preached Christianity, she lived it. She was the ultimate church volunteer. She was the most kind hearted, giving person I have yet to ever encounter other than Amma.

I remember ever since I was little going to her church, spending time making table decorations, intricate findings from nature in Colorado. She would craft these natural items into a lovely centerpiece and make tons of them. She would read from her white leather bible when we slept together before going to bed, I saw her get on her knees and pray. She never made me do any of it, but she led by her example. When she passed, just 2 weeks before my mother in April of 2008, I inherited her white leather bible. I really don’t read it, but I do connect to the power of the intention that her prayers and meditations she practiced with this Holy book. It is very powerful.

She and my mom came to me in a special Women’s Ceremony we held on All Hallow’s Eve. She and my mother were adamant about clearing any ancestral anger and behavior. She told me to stop it here and not allow any of it to carry forward. I spent the entire night in meditation. My mother also took care of me, reminding me to cover myself in a blanket and to practice clearing and self care daily.

This spring we will again hold a beautiful space for women on Beltane, this falls 6 months from All Hallow’s Eve. The most serendipitous of this date is that this next circle is the exact 1 year anniversary of my father crossing over, and this is the first circle that my little sister will be sitting with the women.

I am so blessed to have created a lifestyle that encompasses positive living, healthy choices and connection to something Greater than myself.