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 Today Dawn LeRoux and I talked being present and stilling the mind. This has been something that I have been dealing with in my life so today’s teaching really helped me come closer to remaining in state.

 Those of you who follow my journey know that I moved to Dallas to help my mother beat cancer.

 And those of you that desire an update, she is done with chemo and hasn’t gone to the doctor since. She is in a state of denial. I guess not knowing is more peaceful then knowing… I feel intuitively that she has always known more then she is telling. I don’t pressure her, I just am here as a resource if she needs me.

 I’ve never been terminally ill so who am I to tell her how to handle this situation. I can say that I am really big on our own personal healing power, so I probably wouldn’t even have gone to chemo… prayerfully I will never have to learn how I would handle this situation.

 But back to the show-I got off topic-we talked being present. And living with my mother who knows nothing about presence, she is always in the future. And since she has taken on an attitude of lack her entire life, she is constantly on me about the worries of tomorrow.

 So even in the moments where I am centered and present, I have someone around me asking me about tomorrow and what I plan to do about it.

 It’s not frustrating, but it is something… it takes me off my center, and I’m easily knocked off because even I have to admit tomorrow is coming and what do I plan to do about it.

 But I have to do a life review and know that I have always been supported and its not going to stop now.

 Off air Dawn brought up a great point, she said the desires of your hearts can very well be residual from a past life!

 That hit so very close to home for me, as I embark on this journey to realize my purpose. What if my desires to have a global impact are residual from past lifetimes? What if I am just to be little ol Lonee in Dallas and I keep seeking my yesteryear without even knowing it?

 That was a pretty serious aha moment for me. But it also counters everything I know to be true about pursuing your purpose.

 You are in purpose at your most authentic state, and when I am at my most authentic state I want to help, I want to teach, I want to love, and I want to uplift… AND be supported by it! <<<that’s key.

 I want to travel the world and share spirituality with the world. So I have to hold that to be true, and within holding that truth I have to know that this time, right now, is where I am supposed to be. I can’t do it any different because I am not doing it.

 I am within flow and allowing God to dictate. It is when I attach to the physical experience as I taught today that I get all nervous and start living in the future and start trying to direct the show.

 Like Dawn told me so many moons ago, we are all just standing on the stage and one by one we are called to the front and when that happens it is our time to shine. It is the preparation put into that moment that determines whether we rise or fall to the occasion.

 It was a great show, Dawn also elaborated off air when she spoke to being in the world but not of the world. She explained to me that either present or your not, either your within flow or your not and you need to find that place and stay there.

 THAT made sense, and for me, my ego is my sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not thing. Well, everything, but it is a journey, it is a lesson in each moment and my aunt told me just the other day, don’t ever get to full of yourself to ever think you’re done learning.

 I hope we were a blessing to you all today. I love our synergy. Dawn and I can be teaching on the same subject, yet deliver two very different messages. It is because it is all in perception. How do you filter said information?

 That is why I call for you all to determine your own terms with this journey. Who cares how your momma did it and your daddy did it or how their mommas momma did it, how are you going to do it?!

 Tear down those walls built upon someone else’s truth, do the research for yourself, go to the source yourself, and define your own truth.

 Dawn and I are not the end all, but we are the foundation for some to start asking the questions and doing the work.

 Be Blessed guys, we are all called to be one with THE ONE, so lets get to doing the work.


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