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Today’s show was right up my alley! I am here to teach people how to return to their purpose. So when it was scheduled as a topic of discussion, I was excited!

I teach more towards how to return to purpose and the key elements I feel are imperative in What’s the Best That Can Happen? and I taught towards a few things that I have found along the way to be true about aligning with purpose.

On the way out, Dawn mentioned to not get discouraged when you try and fail. She also mentioned that everyone around you may or may not support your vision and you need to be ok with that.

I would like to speak to those two points in this rewind.

First we all are given a task, whatever it may be. Like Dawn says, it doesn’t have to be monetary, it is just something to be fulfilled.

Jr.’s father and I came together in this lifetime to complete one PURPOSE, and that was to conceive Jr. That was our purpose, and there was no monetary gain to it. I share so you know there are a multitude of purposes going on all the time.

But if you are like me, you are tired of being in labor and you are ready to birth this baby. You are focused being supported by your purpose and not going and doing ‘in the meantime stuff’ for a LIFETIME!

Yes there are multiple purposes that we fulfill at any given time BUT what about the one that is going to get us paid!


Sure you can achieve these things, anyone can but how many famous or rich people are so miserable they are lost in drugs and alcohol and unsavory relationships… certainly those aren’t qualities of a happy fulfilled individual. MONEY AND FAME ISN’T EVERYTHING

So know that your calling may be to be a crossing guard, or a mother, or a check out girl, or a soldier, or teacher, or….

Once we stop coveting our neighbor we really can start aligning with what God has called for us to do.

So to Dawn’s point of trying and failing.

Once you align with purpose, that ‘this is how I will support myself’ purpose. You will have to start the work of removing ego.

I like to give personal accounts to help you guys understand the theory I teach.

I have always had great ideas. I mean I am always starting a business. I have sunk thousands of dollars into the next big thing that is going to make me rich!

As long as I had money to invest, I was buying up some stuff to make it BIG! I have always had stars in my eyes! I wanted everyone to know me and I wanted the finer things in life!


ME ME ME ME ME ME! How can I get bigger and better? ME ME ME ME!

It wasn’t until I got into alignment that I saw, that all those desires for myself were founded on spirit purpose BUT ego caused me to seek my monetary desires. I wanted to be LONEE TAYLOR!

So when we try and fail but have this yearning, we are just refining and tweaking and aligning.

Each time we step out we are really doing the same but different. Whatever your intention is, you are just trying a new way to put it out there.

Think about it, all your ideas have probably been founded on the same idea.

Back to my personal story. All of my ideas have been centered around helping people. I want to help people have better this, stronger that, more fulfilled everything.

All those things were just my attempts at aligning with Gods desire.

And once I stopped making it about LONEE TAYLOR and started making it about God, Synergy Soul presented itself.

The same but different, I am helping people and it is my prayer before I ever go on air that people see God before they ever see me.

So keep trying, failure is just refining. Stop looking to make sure YOUR ok, and start making sure humanity is ok.

You can do the same thing, but what is your intentions?

You know that lovely lady who serves you your morning coffee everyday that no matter your mood when you walk away from her you feel like you can do anything? She is in purpose and she is fulfilled.

It doesn’t have to be some big thing, you just have to get clear to see what is for you.

And for every great idea that succeeds there are a dozen failures before it. Never give up, just continue to refine and evolve.

For years I told myself, ‘Gosh Lonee here you go again…’ If I would have stopped I would not be here and HERE I GO – for the first time!

To the second point, it is your dream, no one else’s! I say that all the time. When God gives us a vision, it is our vision. So if you have people around you who don’t support you or don’t understand… so what, its not for them to understand.

Hopefully you have people around you who support your ambition to make a difference and to answer that calling that is within all of us.

We all have been given orders, but very few of us are brave enough to follow them, so to you, great dreamer I say KUDOS!


Always remember the bee’s and the trees!


Be in Purpose

Super excited to announce we are now doing Synergy Soul Intuitive Friday’s

Sometimes we may host guest and other times it will be just Dawn and I doing what we’ve been called to do–help or fellow brothers and sisters return to love.

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