The Night Before my Father Crossed Over, Some Really Inexplainable Happenings

masquerade ball

I had three distinct experiences the last 48 hours before my dad passed on 5/1/15. Then one really definitive one at the time of his crossing, through my sister’s cell.

Firstly, I was staying at his home and in his bed, while he was in the hospital, because we knew the end of this part of his journey could be very near. That night I envisioned my dad in the hospital room filled with white light. I was doing distance healing and ‘training’ him how to leave his body. We were working on his letting go of the attachment to the body and he would kind of float above it but ‘snap’ back out of like habit, I guess for lack of a better word.

We continued to work as I encouraged him, he was able to lift up and transcend a bit, maybe to the ceiling of the room he was in. I kept saying in my heart to his mind and heart, “Dad, just leave it and lift up! It is really easy! You can do it!”

As this practice was happening the entire hospital became a glowing golden light. All of the workers there really cared about their patients and the love lit up the hospital. Then it glowed white and a sacred symbol enveloped the building.

Later that night I slept. I awoke with such a vivid, lucid vision and an actual feeling of having traveled somewhere. This I was not aware of until now, but I SAW THIS the night before my dad crossed!!! I had this very real experience where I was at this party! Everyone was larger than life, in masquerade and in full on gala mode! It was the most ostentatious event and the level of exuberance and joy was indescribable!

I am now aware, from my dear friend Jessica, who’s son has recently passed over: The Norse people called those who’ve lived good lives and who’ve passed “Einherjar”, which means “the Honored Dead”. They live forever in the halls of the Gods, in Folkvangr with Freyja, and in Valhalla with Odin. Every day and night they celebrate; drinking, feasting, fighting, and loving each other as they watch over and protect their mortal descendants…. celebrate those honored dead… shake the gates of Valhalla, The Dance of The Einherjar!

This was exactly it!

The third experience was earlier that month, my sister and I were pulling in to the hospital. I was in my mom’s old PT Cruiser that I got when she passed. She was in the next row parking. There was a guy smoking standing near the car next to me all dressed all in white. I was already agitated since he was smoking and I did not want to open my door into some nasty smoke. I got out and he looked at me and smiled, and asked, “what is that symbol on your car?” It was the OM! It was a sticker that read I do Yoga 4 and a huge OM on both back windows. So of course all my walls went down. Just then Denise, my sister walked over. I proceeded to tell him the meaning of this sacred symbol, birth, death, life, rebirth, the primordial sound of the Universe! I was in full excited yoga teacher to new student mode. Then he told us about his wife. She was coming home with him today and he was so happy. He proceeded, she was saved, she almost died and she was still here! She is a miracle and she is coming home. He also mentioned that they were Jewish I believe. Then we shared how happy we were for him, we turned to leave. I don’t know what happened next but he was totally gone. Neither Denise nor I can recall ever smelling cigarette smoke the entire time. Now you know as much as we.

Lastly, the moment before the actual moment Dad passed he stretched on the last breaths, and it turned midnight. It was 5/1, May Day. We were right there and sang the HU as he passed into the Light. Denise got a text and it read ‘Pay the Pilot’. Well we were like WTF? That was so strange and I immediately thought that the Pilot is really the Bug Guy upstairs! She said she used to have a car called a Pilot, but that was gone a very long time before that day! Plus, she never had any reminders for it from her phone.


The other really cool thing that happened at the exact moment he passed was that all his pets came running to him. As you may have known or suspected I see things. Well I SAW all of our childhood pets, and all his pets I did not know, led by Dolly the Dachshund. They were all like “PAPPA IS HOME!!!” The Rainbow Bridge is real. And so special. Pets DO have souls!

So there you have it.

Some really weird and inexplainable shit. So freaking cool.

Rainbow Bridge poem



Rainbow Bridge