The Season for Antioxidants

orangesVitamin C is one of natures wonderful nutrients for the body, and especially for the skin. Going into summer, we are all aware of sun protection and how vital it is to our health. Sun damage is one of the biggest problems I see in the skin care industry, from pigmentation spots to wrinkles to skin cancers.  Unprotected skin in the sun can be life threatening!  Of course sunblock is our first defense, but one thing we don’t think of that can help the body create a defense barrier underneath the skins surface, is vitamin C.  It’s strong antioxidant power helps repair damaged cells and build a strong defense shield of healthy cells that help protect against damaging UV rays that make it thru your sunblock. There are many ways to get vitamin C, unfortunately oral consumption results in the skin being the last organ to receive its benefits.  Luckily, there is a huge variety of topical vitamin C products that work wonderfully on the skin.  Since it is considered a treatment product, it is definitely one you don’t want to purchase from a department or drug store (the reason being the FDA has strict guidelines on these products that only allow them to penetrate to the epidermis which is the top dead layer of skin).  When you purchase from a doctor or licensed spa professional the FDA guidelines allow the product to penetrate to the dermis which is where cellular activity takes place. Even more effective, however, is to receive Vitamin C skin peels with a professional.  Start building your skin’s defenses now and avoid much unwanted damage this summer!  Come see me for a complimentary consultation to learn more about your skin’s health and well being and just how easy it can be.  Start today to take your daily vitamin C for the inside and start wearing it on the outside too.