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Health and Wellness Wednesday on Synergy Soul; Heart Disease & Eating Disorders

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 I was really interested the tone that today’s show would take with it being such serious content and I am so pleased with the outcome. Dawn LeRoux and I were able to build awareness and I have to be honest, I personally learned some things and really need to make that doctors appointment.

 So let’s get into this rewind:

 Dear Dawn:

 I have the philosophy that I don’t loan money; I give money. Even though people will give you this long drawn out dissertation of how ethically, business wise, and whatever crap they want to try to sell you to give the money up, they rarely mean it and I have yet to get paid back for the many ‘loans’ I’ve given.

 I actually feel the people who simply say, ‘I’ll pay you back’, have more honor in those words. I say that because that is what I have said in the past when I borrowed money. I don’t give the life story, its like the life story is really covering a none intention to honor the repayment of the loan.

 So my advice for anyone lending stop lending and just give. If you don’t have it to give then don’t give it. If you do, do. Either way whenever you put out it always comes back. That is the universal flow of life. Energy has to be replaced with more energy, so whenever you put out, something will flow back in.

 Heart Disease:

 WOW, who knew? Here is the link to additional resources for heart disease: Heart.Org

 Eating Disorders:

Really start paying attention to yourself and those around you. Children younger and younger are either eating less and less or more and more and it is tied into emotional instability, and body image issues.

Here are the links to additional resources: and Signs your teen may have an eating disorder

We have to love ourselves enough to care for ourselves. We have to start paying attention to our body, or mood shifts, and everything else. Our intuition, our body is constantly telling us what we need to remain balanced.

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