Transitions and Renewal- It’s All Good!

Hello Hello Hello!!

My name is Lonee Taylor! I am a new columnist here and I am super excited about the opportunity!


At My Life Speaking Engagement

A little about me, professionally I am a Lifestyle Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Online TV and Radio Host, and Author. My latest book What’s the Best That Can Happen? is a spiritual piece that details my personal journey back from rock bottom to coming into the realization that I am one with the universe; WE are one with the universe. I share the tools I personally use as well as the tools I use with clients to help realize that exactly where we are is a result of the choices we have all made. At any moment we can choose different and receive different results.

I’m so excited about this book as well as my home blog Lonee Lifestyle. Over at Lonee Lifestyle I simply live life out loud by sharing my life lessons knowing that in this sharing I am helping others grow. We don’t all have to bump our heads, I think I have enough bruises for all of us!

Lonee Lifestyle is in the process of expanding past the blog and moving into the online television arena. I am super excited about Lonee Lifestyle the show! I love sharing and teaching and having a funky good time! I get to do this with my show as well as my radio show! I co-host with my absolutely best friend and cousin Tiffany! We are still working out the details, like What to call the show, but it’s so close I can taste it!

Otherwise I am coaching, speaking, and sharing with my Meet Up group Hippie Divas. I consider myself a Hippie Diva because I am all about staying grounded and connected, but I still love my stiletto’s and extensions! I do not think there is a separation between relationship with Mother Earth, Spirit, and world. I believe there is a beautiful culmination that when maintained a magical synergy manifests!

And speaking of Manifestation, that is what I do! My life is a manifestation of the life I chose to lead. Fun point about manifestation, regardless of our knowing, we are always manifesting.

I could kick myself about the years lost but then I would deny purpose. I know that what I know today is what I am supposed to know today. I also know that I had to go through there to get to here.

Where was there? Well, I am a mother of two beautiful little girls. Everything was ‘normal’ until it wasn’t. And when it wasn’t it really wasn’t. At my lowest point I was deeply depressed, alone, pregnant, and dead broke! My home was in foreclosure and I really had no desire to remain on this earth. I had to send my oldest daughter to go stay with my sister in Denver because I couldn’t afford to pay for after school care. I was a struggling cosmetologist fresh out of school with no clientele… it wasn’t just raining it was a Grade A Hurricane blowing through my life!

But that is where God needed me to bring me to a place so humble I had no other option then to lean on The Divine or die. I made the decision to live or die trying and in that decision The Divine Father/ Mother stepped in and took over.

It took six months for me to realize I am not in control. I spent the greater part of my life thinking I ran the show, and while I was seemingly running the show I was actually running myself into the ground. Rock bottom is where God found me and finally opened my eyes–I’m not running ANYTHING!!!!!

And to be honest, THANK GOD!

I left cosmetology alone, who was I kidding, I SUCKED! I am a teacher not a hair stylist! And even though my clients had the healthiest heads of hair this side the Mississippi it didn’t look very nice!

I found myself at the diaper bank one day, and when I opened the door to get my free diapers I was met with a standing room only wait for food and diaper donations… um, no!

This was the turning point for me, I am the lender not the borrower, and that determination is what had me go from the diaper bank to depositing money in the bank in the matter of 7 days!

And God hasn’t stopped since. I detail the journey in What’s the Best That Can Happen? and I continue to document Gods grace in my life daily on my blog, in my speaking, in my walk, and just how I live my life.

I realized that God can’t be shoved in a box and labeled. God is omnipresent and God is within each and every one of us!

I love life, though I still struggle to overcome old habits of thought. I have learned that life consists of levels and at each level things look the same but different.

I recently moved myself and my girls from Arizona to Dallas to care for my mother who has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Today she got upset with me because I told her I do not enjoy taking her to go buy cigarettes after chemo… bass ackwards to me?!

I really am working on remaining in light and love, its hard. I am working on maintaining the confidence I know that is required to take my vision to the next level.

I’m very honest. I will never pretend to have it all figured out, I’m human and it is in that human aspect that keeps me grounded and one with the collective–you.

I was so blessed to meet Lisa Ware and she immediately opened up her network to me. She is a pretty amazing women and her energy is equally amazing! We are collaborating on the first Hippie Diva event June 15th, which will be a Vision Board workshop!

I am so excited about this because we have both personally experienced the effects of putting the vision behind the vision board! The universe has everything you require, it is up to you to tap into it. So I am very jazzed about this workshop!

I am working on a five week workshop entitled Free Your Mind, this workshop will go over techniques to clear your mental clutter and prepare you to move into the next level of life free from your past!

We are NOT here to just bump around, have some babies, create some debt, pay some taxes, and leave our families to wonder who’s paying for the funeral. NO! We are here for purpose, to live life more abundantly, and to lead a truly fulfilled existence! This is my charge! This is my platform! and this is what I live every single day of my life!

We are always students! And I am sincerely excited about learning together!

Lonee Taylor

If Life is a Beach; Let’s soak up the sun!