True beauty + healing from the Outside In

As I reflect back on my fourteen year long career as a skin care specialist, I feel such a sense of gratitude for all the successes and failures of the journey.  I have experienced so many changes thru out the duration of those years, each of which has lead me to where I am today. I have gained so much knowledge (most of which was outside my official schooling). I have worked for some of the most prestigious doctors on Park Ave, NYC to hole in the wall beauty shops in the farmlands of central California. I have experienced marriage, divorce, been left widowed, and found true love. I have felt the life changing joy of becoming a mother, and felt the grief of losing beloved family members and close friends.  I have bought and sold two houses, experienced the comfort of money and the lack of it, and lived in a total of eleven residences. I have created and broken great friendships, cultivated every emotion from ultimate calming bliss to hospitalizing panick.  All have lead me to today, where I can honestly say I am in the best place in myself of my entire life. I have truly grown from a young girl into a woman in these fourteen years. I have had the pleasure of participating in the personal expansion of all the lives of my wonderful clients along the way as well.
  Learning to treat the body as a whole and that outer beauty so intimately reflects inner beauty, is a skill I have finally acquired. I am so grateful to be able not only to heal my clients from an esthetic perspective but from an inner spiritual perspective as well. Everyday I work at what I’m so passionate about and the one most important thing I’ve learned is that change is not only necessary but it is inevitable. That goes for inner and outer. The key to a peaceful balance is learning to adapt and flow with that change. One of the greatest teachers of this is simply our own bodies, the skin being the master of it. In learning to take care of our skin, keeping it alive and flowing, we learn to take care of ourselves as a whole. Mind, body and spirit. Setting aside some time every month to experience relaxation and incredibly healthy skin is a great start on a journey of renewing ourselves on every level.