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Yoga 4 Love Goddess Tribe + Vision

Our Vision at Yoga 4 Love:

We offer a sacred space for women to build a tribe in community with other like-minded sisters from all over the world. We create a safe and open place where women meet virtually, energetically and in person, facilitating healing, happiness, adventure and joy using the tools of yoga, whole food, meditation, Reiki and energy work.

We are so stoked that YOU are a part of this movement, through this Y4L online community you may engage in many ways through the tools we offer. We are gaining momentum all over the globe and spreading love from from woman to woman, mother to child, partner to partner, and student to teacher, as our master teachers have taught!
In this day in age we are utilizing ‘Spirit through Technology’ reaching women all over the world, making the TRUE teachings available 24/7/365!
We need you to in this mission! We share truth, light and love!

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We are building a global Tribe of like minded Goddesses and siSTARs …and we invite you to join!!! Yoga 4 Love Goddess Ambassador Tribe exists to empower women, bringing us together globally!


 At Yoga 4 Love you will have the opportunity to take in a little by simply trying an online meditation or Hot Yoga class or jump in to a retreat. You may choose to do a deep dive with our online interactive 200 Hour yoga teacher training!


At one of our Texas or Hawaii destination retreats, you will meet your TRIBE! This is where we really get to build community, sisterhood and develop lifelong relationships with others. On retreat, you will also experience learning more in-depth about Holistic wellness, the yoga business, Reiki, Ayurveda, crystal and sound healing, partner, tree or acro yoga and much more. At retreat we also practice classes and meditations in nature, by the river or waterfall for a fun addition to the curriculum. The Texas yoga retreat is included in your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training!


As you move forward in your journey with Yoga 4 Love, you will have many opportunities for making friends, meeting other like-minded individuals, yoga trainees, and friend in real time interaction! You may want to start to plug into some free audio or video classes for personal growth, for deepening your knowledge or for moving into a new path. Wherever you are on your journey, you will find the others in our community are in similar paths! We chat daily online in our Facebook group and in our Trainee chats! We make a priority to get to know each other and set regular times to meeting Sangha, or Community, to hang out in REAL TIME at our women’s circles, events, workshops and festivals and of course at our Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Texas and Hawaii retreats!


You may choose to deepen your study by mentoring under a Director, or simply begin by taking a workshop, listening to a training online or attending Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreat.