Want to Get to Your Healthy Weight the RIGHT Way?

If you want to get to your healthy weight using a simple, “common sense” system, there is a RIGHT WAY to do it! Join us for a 30-minute Facebook party where you will hear and see success stories and learn how YOU can experience similar results! With a simple system of lifestyle upgrades paired with cutting edge technology from the Juice Plus+ Company, you can experience your own personal Healthy Living Revolution!

We will share simple, COMMON SENSE WAYS to get to your HEALTHY WEIGHT (the right way!)


Here’s the basics:  There are two ways to lose fat… BURNING FAT and SHEDDING FAT.  Read the image below to see what the difference is:

Burn Fat vs Shed Fat

We are all familiar with BURNING fat… cardio-type exercises burn fat and strength training increase muscle mass which uses more energy all the time, not just when you are moving.  To get to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, commit to moving 30-90 minutes most days.

Move your body

In order to SHED fat, you must eat foods that will eliminate toxins from your body.  Toxins come from many sources, and our body creates FAT to ENCASE these toxins to prevent them from doing too much damage in our bodies. Eating REAL foods will promote detoxification and the fat that is encasing those toxins will be released as well… you will notice BIG changes just from the fat that is released because of this detoxification.

To get to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, commit to eating REAL foods and avoiding “fake,” processed foods.

Eat Real Food

Dieting vs Cleansing:

Diet vs Cleansing

Our bodies are comprised of about 70% water.  When you don’t drink enough water, your body will not easily adjust to your healthy weight. To get to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, commit to drinking ½ gallon to 1 gallon of clean water every day.

Drink Water

Find out TWO TRICKS to drinking enough water every day in this video!

Along with eating REAL FOOD and drinking enough water, to get to your healthy weight the right way, you need to avoid three things: DAIRY, GLUTEN, and SUGAR. Read the image below to find out why.

Remember: “AVOID” is different than “ELIMINATE.” Unless you have a specific medical condition, it’s okay to have wheat, dairy or sugar once in a while. Just start clearing the ‘bad’ items out of your pantry and start to replace the items with healthier choices.

Avoid Gluten and Dairy

No gluten, no dairy, no sugar

Not getting enough sleep will cause you to stay at an unhealthy weight for several reasons:

  • Hormones that signal fullness and hunger feelings will be out of balance in your brain (ghrelin and leptin)
  • Cortisol levels spike, signaling your body to conserve fat
  • You are too tired to exercise
  • Mental fogginess promotes lethargy and unhealthy habits


Commit to getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night, optimally 8 hours.

Sleep 7 - 8 hours

In order to get to your healthy weight the right way, you will need to flood your body with nutrition from as many plant sources as possible. Juice Plus+ fruit, vegetable, and berry capsules are a VITAL component to reaching and maintaining your healthy weight.  Juice Plus+ is the nutrition of 30 different healthy plants that you can easily eat EVERY DAY.  Watch the video, posted in the comments, to learn more about Juice Plus+.

Click here to watch the 90-second video to learn how Farm Fresh Nutrition happens!! 

Juice Plus poster

As one of my friends put it… “Juice Plus+ Complete is a LIFE SAVER!”  I am so addicted, and that is not a bad thing! Imagine being able to mix up a delicious chocolate or vanilla shake in a couple of minutes that not only provides you with healthy nutrition, it is also so easy and nourishing that it will become a time-saving investment that will SIMPLIFY your life.

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What is Juice Plus Complete whole food drink mix? Vegan, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, 13gr Protein, 8gr Fiber  and SO YUMMY!

Complete shake mix

When you will commit to getting to your healthy weight the RIGHT way, you can experience your own personal Healthy Living Revolution! Look at these happy people who have made these changes and gotten to their healthy weight! TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Learn more on our 90 Days to Feeling Fit Nutrition Page!

Healthy Living Rules results


Please check out the website Healthy Living Rules and watch the opening video! It is so moving. We are super stoked you are open to learning more about this amazing lifestyle.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about Whole food clean eating today!

Please get with the person who invited you to this slideshow blog to learn more about what plan is right for you and your family. Whether you start with Juice Plus+ fruits, veggies and berries or you want to try the Complete shakes or bars, you will be happy to join the Healthy Living Revolution community! Remember this is not a diet #itsalifestyle


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Juice Plus Complete Bar

Take Juice Plus and drink Complete

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