We Must Choose Joy! Raise the Vibration, starting with ME!

These last few weeks have been really incredible, going from all ranges of emotion. I lost a really good friend who was murdered. I wrote a blog about her, if you want to hear my dedication to her.
I spent about 4 days really lost in my thoughts. It took an intentional shift to pull me out. I have decided to help found a charity in her name. I am working with some others in the fitness industry and her family. I would like to call it Missy Bevers Foundation for Children with Special Needs.
In the meanwhile, as all this develops I am moving forward and choose joy! I have celebrated one year of my father’s passing on May 1, Beltane. That ol Irish chap decided to cross on one of the oldest Celtic holidays and it took me almost a year to realize this serendipitous timing.
I also decided that since my nutrition business is going so well that it was time to go green and get a new car! I got a brand spanking new Toyota Prius 4 with the moon roof and alloy wheels. This baby is amazing, going over 800 miles on a $15 tank of gas! It can even parallel park for you!! no hands, for real. The inside looks like a cockpit! (I also said hello to a new cell carrier and am saving a ton off at & t and we all have received new phones… it’s the little things…)
Lots changing, tons of new people in my life, many older relationships are getting deeper and moving to a new level of sisterhood.
We recently held a women’s sacred circle and it was amazing. To hold this space for myself and others takes dedication, and we all have committed to continue to do the work to raise the vibration of ourselves, and therefore our planet!
Speaking of raising our vibration, are you ready? Reiki 1 and Reiki 11 are coming up and now is the time to treat yourself to this life-changing healing energy!