Who’s Your Daddy- Double Mindedness

I was awaken with this message.

I was reading the I Am Discourses-FABULOUS- and it was talking about how… I don’t even know what it was talking about, I probably did an hour ago when I tried to start this post!

But what was placed on my heart was the biblical verse that says, you can’t serve two masters, and you cannot be gray, you must be black or white in your faith…

For years I looked at these verses as God speaking about faiths outside of Christianity and to be honest that is how it always has been taught to me. AND if I cared enough to actually look it up in context it probably is talking explicitly about pathways to God other than Christianity…

I was working with my cards tonight and my mom said, ‘you can’t decide who you want to serve. Is it God, is it Cards, is it Jesus, is it this, is it that…’

I told her, it all points to God. God is omnipresent, God is all, God is everything. There is no separation. To which she said, ‘Jesus is the only way’, to which I shuffled my cards and went about my business.

That was a random thought BUT still relevant! Good job Lonee~

If you stick to Jesus is the only way, then these verses point to seeking other routes to God other than Jesus, God aint checking for you…

But it was impressed upon me to look at these verses a different way.

IMO, when God speaks of being double minded, God is speaking of either you have faith or you don’t. Either you ride with me or you don’t. Either you serve ME or you serve FEAR!

It isn’t about the path you choose, but more about do you really choose a path? You can’t live a life of fear when you serve a limitless God. THAT is serving two masters, THAT is being gray!

I’m sure no matter what route you choose to reach The Divine, all routes state God is Perfect Love. So if the perfection that created this earth and all things in it created you, why do you serve two Gods?

Why do you profess to love God, to trust God, to be governed by perfection BUT allow imperfection to rule your life?!

God aint got nothing to do with fear, anxiety, addiction, untruth. But so many of us allow these ‘gods’ to rule our worlds.

Oh, I’ma step on some toes this morning! I’m up a whole hour later and just now getting this message across, I’ma tell it now!

You can’t say you don’t serve two Gods because your life tells on you every time.
Your holding on to things that don’t serve you CLEARLY indicates that your false god, you know fear, is higher than The All Mighty.

Your chasing money and begging for means of income, NOT purpose, is a CLEAR indication that your false god, you know doubt, is higher than The Divine.

Your sitting idly by while you ‘wait on the lord’ to answer your prayers, is CLEARLY your false god, you know addiction, reigning supreme.

This is what God means, THIS is what it is about, THIS is why so many people are lost! Spinning their wheels not caring if they live or die! Shoot, so many people AREN’T living, and they are dying! All the while never living one day of their lives!

They are serving two masters!

I coach so many people who allow fear to rule their world.

They are praying for promotions or jobs that they know that doesn’t serve their purpose but since they set their sights on it they want it-this is ego OR Edging God Out!

They want me to jump on the prayer hotline on their behalf praying they get the position, but I’m sorry, I pray you WAKE UP, and get on path!

I coach so many people who feel God is this big punisher who is just sitting around making ticks on a check sheet for every wrong they do… please, God ain’t got time for that! God is LOVE, perfect LOVE-Period!

I coach so many people who are lost and confused, scared, and just so unwilling to let go of false gods, fear, doubt, hopelessness, even though I promise them the true God is waiting with open arms!

Shoot forget me, GOD is promising them that He is there!

They are so use to being miserable that they feel that if they let go of their little glimpse of stability they will fall to their doom!

It is so hard to convince people that that letting go is called FAITH, that is where God steps in and carries you from Glory to Glory! More momentum, more power, more thrust, more more more!

It’s like me in this bed with Frick and Frack, they take up the WHOLE bed and I have this little corner. I have been sleeping like this for about a year now. I’ve been sleeping like this for so long that it seems normal. I’ve been sleeping like this for so long I have accepted this is just how it is going to be for the rest of my life and I adjust to it. I have been sleeping like this for so long when someone comes around and says, ‘hey Lonee you can have your own bed and your girls can have their own rooms’, I am like, ‘yeah, I know, but…’ I know that God has promised me a whole bed experience but I’m so afraid if I give up my little corner I will end up sleeping in my car! So I settle for this corner…


God is not a sugar daddy, or a super hero! God is not there to give you just enough and swoop in and save the day… THIS IS LIMITED MENTALITY AND NOT GOD!

At least not the God I serve. I KNOW who I serve! I am filled with whom I serve and I know that the God I serve is EVERYTHING!

I know that the God I serve is in me, I don’t have to go to the ‘chuch house’ to get to Him. I have my Fathers DNA pulsing through my veins! I am almighty, I am powerful! I AM!!!!!!!
Oh, yeah I said it! and you should say it too! Be powerful, don’t be afraid to be all that God designed you to be.

So the next time someone asks you who’s your daddy, you not only can say it, but live it, and see it manifesting in your life!

BOOM! And I’m done!
Drops mic and exits stage left

Drops mic and exits stage left

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