Winter Solstice and what it means to me


This Winter Solstice is special oppotunity to create a ceremony around honoring yourself, your partner, your childeren and your loved ones. A chance to examine your own truth. I believe this is a time to realize where our energies are draining and where our financed are leaking and put a stopper in it! A laser is only useful if it is focused, so my lovelinesses, this is the same with our own energy. It also is especially important with our finances and creating ABUNDANCE! Stop all the tiny expendutures, because when Creator can trust you with the responsibility of the ‘small stuff’ you can be trusted with bigger and bigger manifestations. These manifestations can be financial, relationship, finding a partner, having a baby, getting a new kitten (me!), presenting at a new festival or whatever you can dream!!! If you have been given the dream, you have been given the way! Just GET OUT OF THE WAY of the flow and receive! It is TIME, my beauties. It is the exact perfect NOW, it is THE time.

The solstice is always a time of change, reset, release of the past, and a movement into a new cycle. This solstice is about anchoring in pragmatism your dreams and intentions.

Today, my Uncle Jerry crossed over. Remember to honor your life, your health and your freedom. I am also hit by a major allergy attack. This has left me time in bed ALL DAY to set my intentions for 2014, reflect and rest.

My Uncle Jerry was a charismatic, larger than life character. He was extremely intoned with nature. He was a California modern day hippie and I always have had an affinity for him.

One year while visiting my aunt and him he asked me if I wanted to wake up really early for something special. I am not by nature a morning person, but I agreed. He awoke well before dawn, smoked his medicinal marajuana, (he had chronic pain and cancer). Then he tried to wake me, HURRY UP Lisa You are going to miss it! We rushed out and he said we almost missed it. It was First Light, the dawn before the sunrise.

Jerry communed with the trees as the light broke, a HUGE wind swept over the palms and branches swayed. He said, “Hi Guys!!!” It was a very special insight into the connection we all have with nature, but somehow forgotten.

I will always remember that moment. Today I woke before First Light, as my baby kitten needed fed. I went outside, and with an overcast sky I looked up, the light began to dawn and a soft rain began to fall over me, kissing my cheeks. I look back and see that he was saying goodbye, for now. But he will always be here as my Angel. I will continue to hold the First Light ritual as often as I can. It is simply beautiful.

Your desires should be given top priority. Remember you cannot fix or create intentions for anyone else. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Over these last few months many of us have carried, changed, released, processed, started or created. Release it!! Find a creative way to somehow let all of this go, in a fire or other ceremonial way. Then take your vision and ground it in real life application and practicality.

Winter Solstice 2012

Interesting that exactly one year ago I was preparing to offer Yoga at one of the most amazing Festivals for over 1200 people, with the 20th Year of Winter SolstiCelebration with Amy Moonlady Martin. As the shift took place, and it is a year later, now I sit at home in bed, reflecting, renewing and at home I find peace.

Blessings to you and yours.

Peace, Love + Light

Lisa =-)