Art Saves Lives: Transitions


Transitions. We all have them. We all go through them. More than likely, we are living them. This past Friday we experienced a new adventure at W.A.A.S. Gallery as Sofiya Hyder presented Women in Writing, a workshop aimed to stimulate consciousness through writing and sharing. She began the evening with words of wisdom and thoughts of joy that resonated deeply to evoke our inner souls. We each shared who we were in hopes of connecting and being vulnerable amongst one another. Since the sacred space had been given, we were given the opportunity to share, stimulate and stir each others emotions. We forgot the world in our own time and began the journey to fluidity and creation began. We allowed ourselves to feel, some allowed tears to fall, some allowed emotions to choke them up, but most of all we experienced a true connection. It is amazing to see how equally in our lives transition happens and a lot of time we think we are alone. We are far from that, but genuinely connected by the same thread, the same breath, the same heart beat. You just have to allow yourself to see it and feel it and know that it’s real.

I never knew how empowering women were to one another until this past year. I would not be able to walk, run or even stand if it were not for the amazing women in my life. Surrounding me, loving me, and enjoying each other for who we truely are. As we spoke, the dance and the rhythm of hope arose, any doubt in the room had been diminished. I realize that there is no reason to struggle with transition. In stead of battling with your transition, embrace it with the thought of love. You can change, you will change, and your change will be loved.

The Women in Writing circle is a safe space that serves as a platform for knowing of ourselves and others. W.A.A.S. Gallery will be hosting the next Women in Writing workshop on the evening of July 14th.