Yin Yoga + Gong Concert – Did You Miss Out?

On January 6, Kenny Kolter visited DY4L studio and had an amazing Gong concert while Lisa led a Yin Yoga class. Did you miss it? Curious? Read on.

Yin Yoga is a very different type of yoga from the ones commonly practiced and taught at DY4L studio. Yin Yoga is restorative and meditative. Poses are held for 5-15 minutes… wait? 15 minutes? Yes! Poses are passive. You won’t be holding Chair Pose for 15 minutes in a Yin class. Check out the photo below. All of the poses are passive and fully supported with props such as blankets, blocks, and pillows. Yin Yoga is great for calming the mind, aiding in the lowering of stress levels, and helps people cope with anxiety and depression.

Kenny plays a Paiste 30″ Zodiac Planetary Earth Gong tuned to the processional cycle of the earth. Designed primarily for prayer/healing/meditation purposes, this instrument produces a large spectrum of fascinating functional harmonics. The sounds of the frame drum, timpani, and rattle add rich texture to the music that Kenny evokes from the gong.

Together, the Yin Yoga and Gong Concert created one of the most relaxing atmospheres I have ever experienced.



PS – Kenny is bringing his healing sound back to DY4L studio on 2/24 – make plans to join us! The workshop is called Meditation 101 + Gong Sound Healing.

Notice the supports under each person! 100% support = 100% comfort!