Yoga 101 Intro to Heated Vinyasa Flow with Sahar starts Sundays 4:15PM in June!

Yoga 101 Intro to Heated Vinyasa Flow with Sahar

Downward Facing Dog at Yoga 4 Love

Sundays beginning in June!

60 minutes

Beginner, All levels, Mixed level- modifications offered to customize your yoga experience.

Gentle Heat is used to access deeper muscle and ligaments and loosen the body, provide detoxification and relaxation. Yoga 101 is a popular class style that allows all body types and fitness levels to enjoy a great yoga class. All poses, or asanas, are demonstrated clearly in several options, so the yogi (or yogini!) may choose what feels best for his or her own body.

This class features instructor personalized modifications for your body type, fitness level and ability. The series will teach standing warrior series, twists, modified back bending and an intro to many other asanas and breath work (pranayama). You will also become familiar with Vinyasa flow and Sun Salutations! The class is at a pace that will feel comfortable, and we spend a little more time discussing alignment and breaking down the pose basics. Breath awareness and relaxation are also a focus in this session.

All classes end with Final Relaxation (Savasana) and stress relief with a wonderful optional aromatherapy.

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