Graduation + Photos

Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreat Photos

You may choose to graduate at an upcoming Texas or Hawaii retreat or you may graduate online.
See the Graduation Info below!

On retreat you will experience sisterhood with the amazing tribe of goddesses going through this training with you. We focus on learning in depth about Holistic wellness, the yoga business, Reiki, Ayurveda, crystal and sound healing, partner yoga and much more. At retreat we integrate all we learn in the Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs, as well as also do deep practice in asana. Daily we have classes and meditations in nature, by the waterfall or ocean, for a fun addition to the curriculum. See the Retreat page for full details.

Schedule an interview with Director for questions on Internship or more about assisting, demoing or participating in local hot yoga classes.



The moment you have been waiting for in your Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs is just around the corner!!! See below for the details of gradation. Upon course completion the official certificate will be emailed to you …or you may also choose to receive your certification in a presentation at a Graduation Ceremony held on a Yoga 4 Love Inner Goddess or Hawaii Yoga 4 Love Adventure Retreat!

To graduate:

  • Complete Getting Started and Modules 1-6 on website
  • All tasks in log must be fulfilled for every Module
  • Yoga 4 Love Manual downloaded on PDF and print
  • Purchase book Yoga 4 Love; Tools for Expanding Horizons and Inspiring Positive Change
  • Download the free eBook from the website, Yoga 4 Love’s Big Book of Yoga Poses, Asana 101, 201 and 301
  • Private Lesson for each module with Director, Included
  • Coaching Session for each module, included
  • Participation in Trainee Chat
  • Participation in Live Streaming classes
  • Participation in Community Trainee Sangha Video Chats
  • Log turned in virtually to Director:
    • Log is turned in weekly and on time by 11:59PM Saturday your time
    • Asana Practice Hours Logged~ mat time practices from Y4L approved classes and sources
    • Required Reading~ Tracking properly per module, 100% to graduate
    • Sadhana~ Daily Self Time logged regularly
    • Audio Lessons for Modules 1-6 on website~ 100% Completed

Contact Hours

Enjoy these extra perks if you want extra hands on experience and/or you intend to apply for 200 RYT on Yoga Alliance with Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online via the One Yoga USA Training Program School:
  • Optional
  • Must be supervised by a Y4L 500RYT, 500 ERYT or 1000 RYT Director
  • Internship at Yoga 4 Love Cabin Studio or a Y4L approved Director or Y4L Affiliate local studio
  • 16 Hands On hours each:
    • Live Classes in Studio with Director or a Y4L approved 500 RYT
    • Demo Classes for a Y4L approved 500 RYT
    • Student Teaching with a Y4L approved 500 RYT
    • SEVA Karma Yoga Classes, 8 or more Community classes; may begin after completion of Module 3 and approval from Director.
  • Yoga Retreats; 20-40 Hours Hands On Credit for 3 or 5 day Y4L Retreat, Texas Retreat Included, Hawaii available as an upgrade
  • Reiki 1 or 2; 8 hours Hands On Credit, Included
  • Email Director to register for Retreat or Reiki with 100% discount code!
    • Retreat Hours are needed to gain 40 extra Hands On Hours if you intend to submit an application to Yoga Alliance for an RYT.
    • Highly recommended for embodiment of the vinyasas, hands-on assists and adjustments, internship and class demo experience.
Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreats held in:
  • Hawaii
  • Texas
Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin is in north Texas and you may intern there by contacting Lisa Ware.
All audio, video and streaming classes online and local classes in studio are included in tuition.