Healthy Living Tribe

Group Coaching


Are you ready to find your TRIBE? Looking for a group of like-minded people who can coach you and encourage you toward your goals with a strong leader? Let us help you!

Our group programs start with a coaching call and simply learning about you, your journey and your goals. We help you with tools to get healthy, mentally clear and find ways to introduce more whole foods, fruits, veggies and a variety of plants all the colors
of the rainbow into your lifestyle!

We would love to work with you to achieve your health goals! You will receive connection on our accountability group, a personal rep/coach to help guide you and TONS of free support downloads: a whole food eating and shopping guide, clean eating recipes for whole
food eating, a meal plan, a big book of smoothie recipes, a tracker, our team’s fave shake recipes and more!


Join our FREE Feeling Fit Healthy Living Revolution group on facebook!

Want results and to do it the RIGHT way?

Want to stay on target? Ready to stop dieting and start living life to the fullest?

Let’s do this!


As a new client we send out regular posts and if you are participating in one of our challenges we will also send you daily messages or texts to help you stay on track!

We support you all the way as your mentor and coach, no matter where you begin.

Even if you are not ready to do a program we may all can agree that it is difficult to get in the 9-13 servings of whole foods that we every day!! As a coach we help you find ways to bridge that huge gap from what we know we should be eating to what we are actually eating.

We know beginning a lifestyle change can be daunting or overwhelming. That’s why we are here for you and we take it a step at a time.

  1. Start with a simple and free group coaching program: One Week Free Yoga, Meal Plan + Motivation Virtual Accountability Group.
  2. Move up to a reboot with the Shred 10.
  3. When you’re happy with the results simply continue on to the ‘LIVE IT’ lifestyle.

One-on-one nutrition coaching is essential to your success.

When you get started with a coach we provide you with all the tools to really dig into the healthy living lifestyle: meal planners, whole food eating and shopping guides and clean eating recipes plus many more and support materials are completely FREE ($399 value) for our clients!!!

With any of the 3 programs above, or if you simply want to be a customer and not do a program, you get to be a part of our online community on FaceBook! You are part of our online Tribe for your entire journey! Lean on your community for amazing accountability and support!

Details of the Healthy Living Revolution, Clean Eating LIVE IT Lifestyle:

The guidelines to our LIVE IT lifestyle and Shred 10 detox and clean eating programs are simple. If you choose to do the Shred 10 with our group, your coach will be texting you every day for the 10 days, to help encourage you, guide you and give you support. If you prefer one on one coaching we can do that, too. See the Personal Coaching page!

We offer many tools and coaching materials to get you started. In our social group monthly events we offer accountability partnering FREE.

New virtual accountability groups starting every month!


What’s the catch?

We only ask that you book a free coaching session to be a catalyst to this healthy, clean eating lifestyle!

What is a Shred 10?

It is a 10 day challenge with a 4 month plan attached to it. Start off with a Shred 10, and repeat until you feel like you are at your goals.

What is the LIVE IT lifestyle?

This is a clean eating, healthy living lifestyle. After a Shred to reset our bodies, we then move into the LIVE IT lifestyle! You may also continue to Shred once a month while you attain your health goals faster!Shred 10 is a detox, lifestyle and cleanse.

Shred 10 is not a fad, a diet or a weight loss program.

How do I get started with the Shred 10, Live It or healthy living lifestyle?

Everyone starts from a different place, and we recommend booking your free coaching session to create a personalized plan for you and your family.

Why Shred?

Most people accumulate a build-up of toxins in the body, and this prevents us from being at our optimal health and many from being at our ideal weight. Many people also try to diet and then experience rollercoaster weight loss and gain. This is not a weight loss
program or a diet, it is a LIFESTYLE that is sustainable… and fun!

We thrive in a community of other like-minded individuals that are all on a journey to being healthy! One simple change at a time! Shred 10 is simple, and after the 10 days you may choose to go to a health living lifestyle.

What is One Week Free Meal Plan, Yoga + Motivation? What do I need?

Groceries for the week. An open mind. Ability to communicate with your coach regularly throughout the week.

This is an entry level accountability and coaching group held on facebook for people who are dipping their toe into the clean eating, healthy living and yoga lifestyle. You must have a personal invitation to join in this private event. Please connect with your coach.

Contact us to be invited to the next accountability group or private event.