What is Reiki?

As a Reiki Master I stand in the flow of the White Light of Christ, allowing the energy to move through, however it’s fit. Sometimes the client feels heat, coolness or tingles, sometimes nothing. Many times clients will say they see colors or patterns, sometimes not. Just like electricity, we are plugged in and we are in the flow, even if we don’t see or feel anything. That healing take place on many levels and many layers. Many times if the client is open and allowing we are able to connect with master teachers, guides, angels, arch angels and spirit animals. Many times, as a clairsensient and clairaudient, I receive these messages as sensations or hear messages and am able to download them and voice them. I lot of times in session my clients will receive powerful affirmations directly from their angels.

In many sessions we utilize crystals, sage, essential oils and crystal bowl sound healing to move energy. If the client is ready we are able to move a lot of old emotional patterns and reprogram on a very deep level. Sometimes I may take my client on a guided meditation journey.

After the session I may write affirmations, or to get more answers, often we do an Angel card reading. To schedule a session or to inquire about Reiki attunement Level 1,2 or 3 Master please click the button and Book a Session.

Lisa Ware, Reiki Master Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner



Sessions and Packages:

1 Individual Session: $65/45 min.

1 Individual Session: $85/60 min.

4 Pack 45 . min sessions: $247 ~SAVE 5%

8 Pack 45 min sessions: $468 ~SAVE 10%

6 Pack:/ 1 Individual 60 minute session + 5 Weekly Mini 20 minute sessions: $275


Reiki, Thai Massage and Angel Card Readings:

Reiki 45 min + Angel Card Reading 20 min. $85

Angel Card Reading 20 min $30

Thai Massage with Richard Ware 60 min $75

Thai Massage with Richard Ware 75 min $85


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