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Welcome to Yoga 4 Love Advanced Training Programs Online 200 Hour!



Hello lovely Yoga 4 Love Trainee!!
I am super thrilled to be an intricate part of your journey for the next year or more of our lives!!! This course is designed to fit into your life! My deepest desire is to share the tools, teachings and energy that I have been gifted and taught so you can live your life on purpose, tapped in, turned on and tuned in!
We are so excited that you are enrolling in our training program and look forward to meeting you in the Hangouts Chat, on a coaching video call or at the next retreat! Please read the Registration steps below so we can get you into your first Getting Started module right away!
Infinite Blessings on your Path.
Peace, Love + Light
Lisa Ware; Executive Director, Yoga 4 Love; Reiki Master Teacher
Registration Steps: Please visit the website to finish this module. Once completed email your Director will grade it and you may move into your Getting Started module and your pre assignment hOMework!

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200 Hour Yoga 4 Love Advanced Trainings Online


Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Texas Retreat

or Discounted Hawaii Adventure Yoga Retreat

+ Reiki 1 or 2 (optional)

$2250 Paid in Full 10% off

$2500, Auto Payment Plan

$608 Deposit

3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly payments while you learn!

In studio financing!


300 Hour Yoga 4 Love Advanced Trainings Online


Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Texas Retreat

or Discounted Hawaii Adventure Yoga Retreat

+ Reiki 1 or 2 (optional) Student internship

Modules 1-6

4 Additional Modules of your choice

$2970 Paid in Full 10% off

$3300, Auto Payment Plan

$608 Deposit

3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly payments while you learn!

In studio financing!


  1. Please ensure that you have booked a video chat with the Director. On that chat you and your Director will have discussed your START DATE and the date for your Deposit, and whether your payments are in full or scheduled for auto draft. The $608 Deposit must be processed before you are to begin the next module, Getting Started. If you have not set this date please set a time to meet with your Director and discuss your options on video chat.
  2. Next we will email you the Y4L TP Media Release and your Y4L TP Trainee Covenant. These will come from Sign Now, please e-sign asap.

  3. Please email your Director from your gmail. At that time ask to receive your Student Log and Shared folder. You will be invited to share a folder on Google Drive there will be a new folder created with your name and it will be shared to your gmail (please use a non cluttered gmail for all of your Y4L TP. It is a good idea to have your TP separate gmail so you don’t have an inbox full of junk and miss important emails from us.)

  4. Your Director will messaged you on Hangouts once you have an established and dedicated gmail, please respond to the invitation to Hangouts and we will add you to the Trainee class chat!

  5. Introduce yourself and share a paragraph or two about YOU (where you are from, why you are on this journey etc).

  6. Please fill out this Google form questionnaire: ‘Enrolled in Yoga 4 Love Trainee Registration and Contact Info’:


  7. Please Download Google apps :
    1. Drive
    2. Hangouts
    3. Docs
    4. Sheets

      5. Classroom

  8. Once you complete your documents on e-sign please go to the website yoga studio page (purple tile on the home page) to create your login, if you have not already used this to pay your deposit. Select ‘sign up for classes and workshops’ and then go to ‘My Info’ and create a new user profile. This is a place for everything that is going on at the Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin, and hosts your payment agreement so you can always see your details on your login in your account here. You will receive a free year of Y4L Membership, unlimited audio, video and in studio classes, plus Reiki level 1 or 2!

  9. Next you will go to the website to the tile called ‘Trainings’ and  ‘course enrollment’
    1. Select 200 Hour RYT, and enroll and checkout online. The 200 Hour is set up as ‘FREE’ right now, because your payment will be processed through the Y4L Studio profile you created.
    2. Upon enrollment you will have immediate access to ‘Registration Module’. Once completed, you will message your Director on Hangouts or via email.
    3. ONce you have enrolled in the 200 Hour RYT course to get back to your place in the course log out and then log in and go to VIEW RESULTS to see the progress bar.
    4. The first task is:
  10. Your Director will go over the Registration Module items and if all is completed your module will be graded at 100% and you will be given access on the website to begin the Module ‘Getting Started’.

  11. We will email you a link to sign the e docs online from Sign Now:
    1. Y4L Tuition Agreement, please e-sign asap.
    2. Media Release
    3. Y4L TP Covenant

  12. With your filled out Tuition Agreement and deposit you will receive your access to the next ‘Getting Started’ Module of your training on our website, the audio classes and your Yoga 4 Love Studio Cabin teacher hot yoga membership (if you are local to N Texas). On the e-form simply fill in your payment info according to the chart, paid in full 10% off or the payment plan that you choose. All the details of the payment plans are on the e-form and the monthly fees so you can choose what fits your budget. With your completed electronic Tuition Agreement, you’re eligible to attend the next Texas Yoga 4 Your Inner Goddess Retreat and also receive opportunity to come a day early and receive Reiki level one or level 2 training with Lisa Ware, included in your tuition!!! You only pay the deposit! You will receive the links to sign up for these retreats and workshops using your yoga studio login with the discount codes in a separate email, closer to the next retreat. You may also opt to use the Early Bird rate of the Y4L Goddess Retreat as credit to apply this amount toward your Hawaii Yoga 4 Love Adventure Retreat! Simply email your Director with your ideal retreat date, you can always update this later.

  13. Message your Director that these steps are finished. Your Director will Share your Yoga 4 Love Student Log, it will open in Google Sheets. You will receive a notification in your gmail in the ‘Updates’ folder when you have access to the shared folders.

  14. When you go through Getting Started you will find your Syllabus, Pre Assignments and a folder called‘ Audio Classes’ (over 100 hours of yoga, vinyasa, breath work and meditations).
    1. Start doing these classes anytime after your Registration is complete!
    2. Mark the classes you take on a journal and write your take aways; when your start date arises you may use these hours and mark them on your Practice log.

  15. On your start date, or whenever you choose after you make your deposit, you will begin your Getting Started. Make sure your Director knows you are ready to begin, here is what that looks like:
    1. Do the assignments on the Syllabus
    2. Listen to the Audio Lessons on the website
    3. Begin to do your Daily Sadhana
    4. Practice some yoga classes with Y4L approved sources
    5. Start your Required Reading
    6. Log your progress on the Student Log on Drive on the Getting Started tab.
    7. Turn in your Log every week regardless of progress by Sharing on Drive before 11:59PM Saturday your time.

  16. At your convenience this first week, begin to go over the Getting Started material and training videos. After completion of Getting Started hOMework assignments, audio or video classes and required reading you will update your log on Drive.
    1. Share it with your Director’s email; always make a note to your Director when Sharing weekly. Every week all trainee’s logs will be graded.
    2. Continue tracking per the due dates on your Log.
    3. Once you have completed the Getting Started module message your Director on Hangouts. She will grade your progress on the website, you will be sent email and given access to Module 1. The process is the same throughout all the 6 module lessons on the website.

  17. When you finish the Getting Started lessons and 3 simple pre-assignments within the Syllabus, you will have learned how to:
    1. Use Google Sheets and Google Docs
    2. Add the info to your folder on Drive. All assignments will need to be saved to your shared personal folder on Drive in a Google Doc, unless otherwise directed.
    3. Enter data into your log
    4. How to share your assignments with the Director (myself).

  18. Once you complete your Getting Started or get to a point where you have questions, please set up a training/coaching video chat with your Director using the link to set up an Interview/Coaching Zoom Video Meeting:
    1. On this next call your Director and maybe an alumni of the 200 or my assistant, will go over how to use your Student log and save/share and turn in your assignments.
    2. We will also answer any questions that may have come up for you this first week.

  19. Lastly, we always have a Yoga 4 Love class tee or tank, message your Director so you can see what they look like and if you would like to order one.

  20. Your Director will go over the Lessons completed on the website and if all is completed your module will be graded at 100% and you will be given access on the website to begin the Module 1 Earth!
***Make sure you are added to the class GOOGLE GROUP to ensure you don’t miss any important announcements! This will email you on important topics! Ask your Director to be sure you are included.***

*** Join the Google Classroom with code geigsyh ***

All assignments and other things to sign up for like Reiki and retreats are posted here! Check at least once a week!
CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Registration if you have done all of these steps. Send your Director a message on Hangouts so she can grade your progress on the website and give you access to the Getting Started Module!
Welcome and Namaste!

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